10 Clever And Creative Ideas That Will Make Gardening Much, Much Easier

Ah, gardening! This age-old pastime is an all-around winner; it is said that the hobby relieves stress, the resulting greenery can really brighten up your home, and, if you choose to plant tomato seeds, you can really enjoy the fruits of your labor (pun most definitely intended). Some people shy away, however, because of the hard work and manual labor involved in keeping your plants alive. 

Don't let that scare you, though! Instead, benefit from the years of experience of other gardening aficionados and don't be afraid to take a few shortcuts and store a couple tricks up your sleeve. With these clever and creative gardening hacks, you'll have a yard full of blooms in no time.

1. Grab a muffin tin from the kitchen and use it to plant perfectly.

A Thrifty Mom

Although most people never use muffin tins for anything besides baking delicious goodies, these baking tools are actually really useful for a variety of tasks. In your garden, they can be used to create a perfect grid to guide where your seeds are planted.

2. Stop recycling your glass bottles and use them to keep kids in check.

Flea Market Gardening

Kids are wonderful, but they're not always great at keeping on the straight and narrow (pathway, that is). Help them along by using old glass bottles to create a cheap, pretty, and (most importantly) effective walkway.

3. Start out with a hammer and spoon to create gorgeous garden markers.

Turning the Clock Back

First, hammer the bowl of the spoon until it's flat.

Next, grab some paint and get creative.

Turning the Clock Back

Using whatever colors catch your eye, paint the now-flat bowls one color and use another color to write the names of the plants in your garden. When they're dry, stick them in the soil to keep things organized.

No extra silverware? No problem!

Crafts by Amanda

Plastic works just as well. Next time you get takeout, save any extra spoons and use them in your garden.

4. Speaking of upcycling, wait until you see what you can do with an aluminum can.

What's Up Moms

Once you've finished your Coke, use a can opener to remove the lid.


Next, grab a can of paint, and get to spraying!

What's Up Moms

Give each can a good couple coats of paint, so that the originals logos, text, and colors are completely covered.

After they've dried, fill them with soil and plant your favorite herbs. Voilà! Instant herb garden.

What's Up Moms

Make sure to label the containers, though, so you know what's what.

5. Keep your plants hydrated.

The Garden Glove

If you're anything like me, many a plant has perished in your home or yard due to lack of water. Luckily, this self-watering hack gives greenery a chance at life with even the most forgetful of waterers. Simply grab an old bottle, fill it with water, and plant it in the soil upside-down as quickly as possible. Now, how to remember to refill the bottle ... 

6. Renovate your bathroom and upgrade your garden all in one go.

Cherry Hill Cottage

If you've got an old sink, sure you could haul it to the junkyard, but why not save yourself a trip and reuse it? If the shabby chic look is one you love, this planter would look right at home in your yard.

7. Create a well-fortified garden using only plastic forks.

Your House and Garden

Is your veggie garden constantly being invaded by nibbling animals? Stop those uninvited dinner guests with cheap, pronged plastic.

8. Use an old colander and unused silverware to make a planter and wind chime, all in one.

Thrifty Rebel Vintage

Using lightweight lengths of chain and metal wire or even key rings, hang spoons from the bottom of the colander.


Next, flip it over and fill it up!

Thrifty Rebel Vintage

Even those with black thumbs can use this DIY project; just use silk flowers to get the same effect.

9. You know what they say: "Waste not, want not."

Whole Food Home

See these banana skins? For most people, these are just something to throw in the trash can. For those who have embraced the magic of composting, however, they are worth their weight in gold. Once they break down, the skins add calcium, magnesium, sulphur, phosphates, potassium, and sodium to soil.

Keep your coffee grounds, too.

Whole Food Home

After these grounds provide you with the lifesaving liquid that is coffee, take them to your garden and add them directly to the soil. Acid-loving plants like hydrangeas, blueberries, and rhododendron love coffee just as much as we humans do!

Got egg shells? Your garden can use those!

Whole Food Home

Young seedlings, just like kids, need calcium to grow up big and strong and egg shells can provide the mineral. Be sure to dry out the shells for at least three days, until they're brittle, before bringing them out to the garden.

10. Glass bottles can add some greenery in tight spaces.

11 Eureka

Carefully cut out an opening in the side of the bottle, add a little soil, and repot a plant or plant seeds inside. Even the smallest apartment can house one or two of these small DIY planters.

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