10 Great Ways To Clean The House With Borax

Ah, cleaning! Everyone loves a clean house, but few enjoy spending an excess amount of time doing it. And we certainly don't want to make things harder on ourselves than we have to, do we? Luckily over the years, people have found shortcuts and discovered hacks that make keeping our houses spick and span at least a bit easier.

One such person is Melissa Maker, the cleaning guru behind the incredibly popular YouTube channel "Clean My Space." In her videos, Maker gets into the nitty-gritty of removing dirt, clutter, and mess from every square inch of your house. Mattress that's looking like a less-than-perfect spot to lay your head? Maker's got the 411 on refreshing your bed. Pesky pet hair taking over every surface of your house? She knows how to get rid of it for good!

So how has Maker acquired all this magical and practical knowledge? She's come by it honestly, through years of cleaning the good, old-fashioned (and sometimes unnecessarily difficult) way. Over a decade ago, she graduated from business school and began a career in banking. Her busy lifestyle made her realize that her city of Toronto just didn't have what she needed: an upscale housekeeping service that provided reliable and high-quality service. So she quit her job and started her business, also called Clean My Space). Over the years, she's "amassed (too much) knowledge about cleaning products, tools, and how to create homemade versions and save money. Clients, friends, and family kept asking for Melissa's tips and secrets now that she was a veritable cleaning wizard. Rather than repeating the tips over and over ... she started up a YouTube channel to share the information, and the rest is easily accessible history."

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H/T: Clean My Space

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