10 Stunning Aerial Photography Highlights From National Geographic's 2015 Photo Contest

Every year, National Geographic puts out a call for submissions for its travel photography contest. Thousands submit but only a select few make the cut. The call for entries began on April 7th, and, already, National Geographic has been floored with the quality of some of the photos sent in.

The theme of this year's travel photo contest is aerial photography, that is, photographs taken from above. Planes, skyscrapers and even drones are all fair game. If you're interested in the contest, you can submit your own photos here before the end of this month.

1. Tulip fields in Voorhout in the Netherlands

Anders Andersson

2. Wild horses in Washington

Lauren Bath


3. River of Thjorsa in Iceland

Sean Ensch

4. Cemoro Lawang

Achmad Sumawijaya

5. Over the Sydney Harbour

Stuart Chape

6. One of Sydney's most dangerous waves, Cape Solander in Botany Bay

Ian Bird


7. The dry Koehn Lake, Mojave Desert, California

Jassen T. 

8. Swimmers in Sydney, Australia

Stuart Chape

9. African elephants in Okavango Delta, Botswana

Gaston Piccinetti

10. The Great Barrier Reef

Ingrid Teda

Credit: Twisted Sifter

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