10 Thanksgiving Foods To Keep Away From Pets

It can be really tempting to share bits of our dinner with our furry friends, especially on a day as special as Thanksgiving. With friends and family gathered and your favorite dog or cat nearby, it seems like no big deal to reach over and feed them a bit of turkey or let them lick your mashed potato spoon.

However, sharing our Thanksgiving feast is not the best way to show our pets how grateful we are for them. These ten common foods can make our pets sick, and even lead to death when consumed in large quantities. Let’s keep the people food on the dining room table and our pets safe this holiday by treating them with a rawhide or some catnip instead.

1. Nuts 

Lots of nuts are consumed raw and as a compliment to many dishes during the holiday season. While macadamia nuts and walnuts are the most dangerous for cats and dogs, many varieties can lead to vomiting, neurological conditions and even seizures.

2. Mashed Potatoes 

The potatoes themselves aren’t the problem – it’s everything we add to make them extra delicious and creamy. Milk, butter, garlic and onion will all cause upset stomachs, and can even be toxic in large amounts. 

3. Turkey Bones

There is nothing more dangerous to the family dog on Thanksgiving than a turkey bone. These tiny bones can lodge in their throat, causing choking or vomiting, as well as pierce internal organs once ingested. And by the way, you also shouldn’t feed them …


4. Turkey Skin

If you must feed your pet something from your plate, give them a small piece of skinless white meat. The skin of a turkey is rubbed down with all types of spices, such as onion, garlic and sage, which are delicious for us, but one big bellyache for our furry friends.

 5. Cranberry Sauce 

It’s packed with sugar, which is an ingredient that pets should always avoid.

6. Pies

While the same no-sugar rule applies here, the real dangers are nutmeg and cinnamon, ingredients found in nearly every pumpkin and sweet potato pie. These spices can cause vomiting, liver disease, seizures and neurological disorders.

7. Fruit Salad

You never know what could be hiding in there – nuts, grapes, raisins – all are known to cause major kidney problems in dogs, so it’s best to avoid altogether.


8. Uncooked Carbs 

It’s doubtful that you would feed your pet raw dough on purpose, but make sure to keep it out of their reach. Raw eggs can cause salmonella, and uncooked bread can actually rise in the stomach of your cat or dog. 

9. Green Bean Casserole

The cream of mushroom soup contains dairy, which causes an upset stomach in cats and dogs.

10. Stuffing 

Nearly all of the bellyache-inducing spices we’ve mentioned above can be found in this dish. Onion, sage, garlic, chives – where your pets are concerned, stuffing is just one big toxic mess. 

Via: Tip Hero

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