10 Things We've All Been Doing Wrong This Whole Time

I bet you think you've got everything all figured out. After all, so much of life seems self-explanatory. It turns out, though, that there are a lot of everyday things that we've all been doing wrong (or at least not at peak efficiency) our whole lives. Here are 10 perfect examples.

1. Drinking soda with a straw


Tired of that straw floating out of the can all the time? Try putting it through the pull-tab to keep it in place.

2. Perfect fried eggs


Get perfectly round fried eggs without using a mold - just cut an onion ring and use that instead. Bonus: you can eat the sauteed onion.

3. Joining wires


Keep electrical wires/extension cords from pulling apart by looping them together as shown here.

4. Peeling garlic


Place garlic in a jar and shake it around vigorously to get those peels off in no time.


5. Giving yourself a manicure


Use the steps above for painted nail perfection.

6. Refrigerate drinks fast


Need to chill a drink fast? Wrap it in wet paper towels and it'll be cool in just 15 minutes!

7. Tying shoe laces


This brilliantly simple method ensures your laces never come undone (unless it's on purpose, of course).

8. Making ice-cream sandwiches


Simply cut the tub of ice cream and place the slice on a cookie. Remove cardboard, top with a second cookie, and enjoy.


9. Opening plastic packaging


These kinds of tough plastic packaging can be hard to open even with scissors. Instead, try using a can opener.

10. Folding T-shirts


Simply follow the instructions above.


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H/T: Bright Side

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