10 Tips And Tricks All Dads Need To Know

Father's Day is right around the corner, and while we all know Dad loves the tie he gets every year, this might be a good opportunity to switch it up and get him something a bit more useful. Luckily, the ladies at WhatsUpMoms have put together a compilation of "dad hacks" - clever tips and tricks that they think every dad should know. Some of these ideas are a heck of a lot of fun, and, best of all, they're easy. 

These ladies demonstrate in layman's terms how to make a floating cooler out of pool noodles, create a tiny toy collector using a vacuum and a sock, swing your kids with an unplugged extension cord while you lounge about, and much more. Now, if you guys could just figure out how to use the washing machine correctly ...

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1. Make cleaner ponytails by using a pipe cleaner.

2. Draw a "road map" on an old t-shirt you don't wear anymore and let your children drive toy cars on your back. They're entertained, and you get a massage in the process.

3. Light candles in a pinch with some uncooked spaghetti and fire from the stove.

4. If your son or daughter wants to play video games with you, simply unplug one controller and hand it to them. This way, they can have fun without messing up your high score!

5. Old shoe inner soles are helpful for teaching your kids where to place their feet when practicing baseball. Paint buckets and mesh laundry bags are perfect for carrying any type of sports ball.

6. Cut up some pool noodles and use them to line the edges of a plastic container for an awesome floating cooler.

7. Can openers are the key to opening up tricky plastic packaging

8. Newspapers make great window cleaners - they don't even leave behind any residue!

9. Pick up small toys with ease by wrapping a thin sock around the hose of a vacuum.

10. An unplugged extension cord allows you to reach farther when pushing your kids on the swing.

H/T: WhatsUpMoms

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