10 Tips For Making A Tiny Bathroom Seem 10 Times Bigger

Many people in America probably don’t even understand the concept of a small bathroom. Many bathrooms in new suburban homes can be up to 100 square feet in size, or more! Considering that some people live in homes that are 100 square feet in total, you can safely assume that anything over 75 square feet is a pretty big bathroom.

But what if you live in an older home, or an apartment? Maybe you’ve joined the tiny house movement or are simply thinking about that dream log cabin and a Thoreau-style getaway. There are a variety of reasons your bathroom might be lacking in size and storage, but that doesn’t mean you have to knock a hole in the wall and start measuring for a new wing.

Organization is key. Spice racks can help keep your personal care products neat and orderly and off of counter space.

Go vertical. Tiered storage like this makes use of that third dimension you’ve been neglecting.


Another fun take on verticality, stick-on magnets and a metal surface can give you incredibly flexible storage for makeup and other small items.

Speaking of magnets, never search the couch cushions for one last bobby pin ever again with a quick trip to the hardware or craft store.

If there is no room for cupboards, hooks can be the next best thing, whether inexpensive stick-on types or this beauty here.

The back of the bathroom door is an often-overlooked spot for towel racks and other narrow storage systems.


Rolling towels will often give you more bang for your buck when it comes time to stuff them into whatever storage you have.

We weren’t joking about thinking in three dimensions. Older homes with tiny bathrooms often have tall ceilings and plenty of opportunity for clever solutions like this.

While you’re at the store getting those magnets, grab some mason jars and pipe clamps for an easy storage solution. (Maybe on the back of your door?)

And one of the best bits of advice we’ve ever heard, a second shower curtain rod in the back of your stall provides unbelievable storage and organization for caddies, poofs and more!

Via: Tip Hero

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