11 Hilarious Photos That Prove Men And Women Are Very Different Creatures

My wife often likes to tell me that even though I've grown older, I'm still a kid at heart. Sure, I wear suits and "grown up" sweaters (i.e, not hoodies), pay bills, and go to work, but that doesn't mean I've lost my ability to appreciate a decent toilet joke or get really, really into playing hide-and-seek with my nephew. 

Ever heard the saying, "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus?" It might seem a little tacky, but I have to say, there are definitely moments where it seems to be true. Check out these hilarious examples for more proof.

1. Spider Cat

"Walked in on my husband walking the cat across the ceiling while singing 'Spider Cat, Spider Cat, Does Whatever a Spider Cat Does.'"

2. It's A Dog's Life

That's what happens when he gets to name the dog. I gotta say, I totally approve of this name and really want to high-five this guy.

3. Hard At Work

"​My wife doesn't know I'm working from home today. This is my wife, working on her novel. Expected release date: 2052."

4. Who Doesn't Love Dishes?

I swear, sometimes it really seems as if my beloved wife is packing the kitchen sink. Maybe I just have less stuff, but it really does seem like I'm done in no time.


5.He's Going Places

Here's what happens when you let Dad dress the baby. To be fair, the kid looks pretty dapper, and his Windsor knot is on point.

6. The Ability To Time Travel

Once again, the story of my married life. At this point, if we're going out, I just don't start getting ready until about 9:00. Not only am I not left waiting forever, it also lets her have the time she needs with no real interruptions. Happy wife = happy life.

7. What Is This Thing?

You gotta appreciate his effort in trying to fix something, at least. By the way, fellas, in case you don't know: that's the underwire from a bra.

8. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

The end of a relationship can be pretty hard on anyone, but often. the timelines often look very different.

9. Who Doesn't Love Ice Cream?

"What happens when I send my husband to the store and there's an ice cream sale."

Meanwhile, I'm thinking, "How can you even complain though?"


10. I'm Going To Do That For Myself...

"My wife awards 'Cat of the Month' in our house. But we have only one cat."

To be fair, it's a very, very good cat.

11. They All Make You Look Perfect... ?

This guy's wife asked him which one he likes more, and I definitely feel his pain. Naturally, my wife immediately had a preference as soon as I showed this picture to her.

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H/T: Diply

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