11 Unconventional Uses For Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub has been around for over a century and is pretty much a household name at this point. It's has brought many of us relief during a bad cold or when we suffer from a particularly stuffy nose. Ever since I can remember, whenever I was sick, my mother would reach for our trusty container of VapoRub. It usually helped soothe my symptoms enough to sleep more comfortably through the night.

Made by blending camphor with menthol, thyme, eucalyptus, and nutmeg oils (plus several other ingredients), VapoRub provides a gentle cooling sensation that helps alleviate respiratory issues when we're sick, but each of these ingredients is actually quite powerful in its own right for uses such as fighting acne, soothing burns, increasing circulation, and more.

However, there are less common uses for VapoRub that many people swear by. While they may not seem like conventional approaches, these methods seem to make a lot of sense. From potty-training pets to repelling insects, these seemingly unusual uses for VapoRub are definitely worth trying out for yourself.

1. Fighting Acne

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Most of us have been plagued with acne at one time or another. For some, it is a constant, chronic battle with these blemishes. VapoRub has been demonstrated to effectively fight against any kind of acne, including cystic acne. Simply apply some VapoRub on problem areas before bed, and your skin should be cleared up by morning.

2. Soothing Headaches

The next time your head or temples are throbbing, try rubbing some VapoRub on your forehead. The menthol will help to alleviate the pressure in your head.


3. Combatting Toenail Fungus


It is believed that VapoRub can help kill the fungus and eliminate the discoloration that often accompanies this problem. advises to "work the medicated Vicks salve into your infected toenails and the surrounding nail bed" and to "let your feet breathe uncovered.".

4. Eliminating Stretch Marks

Because VapoRub contains menthol and other natural oil ingredients, it makes for a safe and effective way to heal stretch marks on your skin.

5. Relieving Itches/Stings


VapoRub helps soothe the pain of outdoor encounters with everything from poison ivy to bug bites and stings. 

6. Softening Dry Feet

Dry feet and cracked heels can be a nasty and very annoying problem. One way to get rid of it is by placing some Vicks on your feet before you go to bed. This will keep your feet moisturized and back to feeling normal in no time. 

7. Alleviating Nausea

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Mint has long been prescribed aromatically and internally as a remedy for nausea. Quell that queasy stomach with the fresh scent of menthol!

8. Soothing Burns

Vicks can help soothe the pain of minor burns, but be sure to talk to a medical professional if the burn is anything more than a small wound.


9. Silencing Creaky Doors

If you can't get your hands on some WD-40 to loosen up a squeaky hinge, a slather of VapoRub has been known to get the job done.

10. Making Bath Bombs

Instead of using a humidifier to inhale the VapoRub, you can always mix it up with some baking soda to make little DIY "bath bombs" to dissolve and inhale in your shower.

11. Healing Bruises

This was one of the original uses that Vicks advertised back in the 1920s. The camphor and menthol in VapoRub aid circulation, which allows bruises to heal faster.

Always remember, however, that these uses and remedies are not a substitute for your doctor's medical advice. They are intended to offer relief, but you should always know when it's time to consult with a physician.

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