12 Awesomely Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Use Paper Napkins Around The House

Whenever you throw a party, there always seems to be a to-do list as long as your arm for all the necessary preparations. There's food to buy, entertainment to sort, and decorations to be purchased or made. And, of course, with any themed party comes the matching paper goods, like plates, cups, and napkins. They always look great set out on the table together with the rest of the complementary decorations, but what about after the party?

Inevitably, you're left with a seemingly endless supply of napkins that will likely never be needed again. I mean, how many occasions call for Superman or My Little Pony paper napkins? The easy solution to deal with the leftovers is to stop using cloth napkins and paper towels for awhile and use the themed ones instead ... or you could use them for something altogether more awesome. 

1. Wall Décor


Grab a cheap plain canvas from any craft store, some Mod Podge, and your leftover napkins to make a gorgeous wall hanging that no one else will have. If you want to punch up the style factor, buy some open frames, too, to hang around the canvases.

2. Dresser Drawer Overhaul

Sweet Pickins

Is your dresser looking a little boring and dull? You could ditch it and buy a new one or spend hours repainting it ... or you could use leftover napkins to brighten things up. Simply decoupage the fronts of the drawers, and you've practically got a whole new piece of furniture.

3. Chair Upgrade


Decoupage one chair to add a flair to your office desk or tackle a larger project in the dining room.

4. Flower Pot Facelift

Place of my Taste

Terra cotta pots are great to start with; they're cheap and easy to find. The downside? They're a little boring in the looks department. Why not get crafty and create pots that do justice to the fledgling plants they hold?


5. Crafty Candles

Yesterday on Tuesday

Candles can bring some much-needed style to any space. Unfortunately, they can cost a pretty penny, especially ones that are decorated with patterns and such. The cheaper alternative? Plain dollar store candles and leftover napkins will do the trick.

6. Bring In The Birds

New House New Home

Take a plain wooden birdhouse from any craft store and make it a beauty for your backyard. Find the full tutorial at New House New Home.

7. Wearable Art

DIY Enthusiasts

Wooden bangles aren't very fashionable, but cover them with cute paper napkins? Now, you've got a piece of statement jewelry that's made just for you.

8. Sweet Serving Tray

Creativity Direct

A serving tray has so many uses. It can be kept on the coffee table to keep things organized. It can be used to serve drinks on the patio when guests come over. But a plain serving tray is simply functional; why not decorate with leftover paper napkins and create one that's functional AND fun?

9. From Regular Shoes Into Super Shoes

Comic Con Family

Buying licensed products featuring your favorite TV and movie characters can get pretty pricey; those items are generally way more expensive than their plain counterparts. And once you make it to adult sizes? Well, they can be pretty hard to find, too. The obvious solution is just to make your own!


10. Floral Flats

Make It Easy Crafts

Plain white flats are a great staple to have, especially in the spring and summer months. They match with pretty much any outfit, after all. Unfortunately, they can also look dingy and scuffed all too quickly. There is an easy solution, at least: a paper napkin makeover.

11. Light Up The Yard With Luminaries

Artsy VaVa

As the weather gets nicer, we all want to spend more time outside. But what to do when the sun goes down? Rather than go inside or invest in pricey electrical lighting, try some of these cute DIY luminaries.

12. Mirror Makeover

Clever Nest

Add a fun pop of color in any room by making over a plain framed mirror using leftover paper napkins. Bonus: mirrors make rooms look bigger, so you're getting a few style perks with one project.

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H/T: Diply

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