12 Brilliant, Alternative Ways To Use An Ice Cube Tray

Kitchen utensils are something we never really give much attention. They all have one dedicated purpose, and we use them when they're needed. But what if we thought outside of the box? What if there were other applications for these simple tools?

One of the most useful kitchen utensils that we rarely think about is the ice tray. They create ice cubes, nothing more, nothing less. But what if we put other things besides water into the tray and froze them? Here are 12 genius ways to use an ice cube tray.

1. Have leftover herbs? Preserve them in olive oil instead of letting them go to waste.

The Kitchn

2. Love chocolate and strawberries? Make delicious chocolate covered strawberries by spraying a little bit of oil onto the tray and pouring the chocolate inside. Place the strawberries in the chocolate and refrigerate.

12 Genius Ways To Use An Ice Cube Tray 2

3. Are your kids refusing to drink their milk? They'll be begging for more when you come with these delicious chocolate ice cubes.

12 Genius Ways To Use An Ice Cube Tray 4
Le Petrin

4. Iced coffee quickly loses its taste as the ice melts and waters it down. Solution? Coffee ice cubes. Make some coffee and pour it into the tray. Never have watered down coffee again.

Iced Mocha with Coffee Cubes // HonestlyYUM
Honestly Yum


5. Sushi doesn't have to look perfect to be delicious, and not everyone knows how to roll them. Make bite-sized portions with an ice cube tray.

Pretend you're a master sushi roller by using the ice cube tray as a mold.
Daily Candy

6. Never waste buttermilk again. Freeze it and you can have delicious waffles whenever you like.

12 Genius Ways To Use An Ice Cube Tray 10
Rachel Schultz

7. Love peanut butter cups? Make your own by adding some peanut butter into the ice tray and pouring chocolate over it.

Make your own peanut butter cups.
Creative Simple Life

8. Making pesto is often a hassle on lazy nights. Freeze leftovers in individual ice cubes, and they'll be ready before your pasta is cooked.

12 Genius Ways To Use An Ice Cube Tray 16
Planet Forward

9. Freeze leftover chicken stock into ice cubes. You won't need to waste them, and you'll have some handy flavoring to add to your dishes.

12 Genius Ways To Use An Ice Cube Tray 18

10. Chocolate cheesecake bites. Incredibly delicious.

Make chocolate-covered cheesecake bites.
Damy Health


11. Baby food is expensive, especially the all-natural brands. A healthier, cheaper way is to make your own and freeze it. When it's feeding time, simply thaw out a few.

Freeze baby food for future use.
Help Me Grow Utah

12. Freezing homemade tomato sauce is a convenient way to mix it into pasta later. They're nicely portioned and easy to microwave.

Freeze homemade tomato sauce.
The Comfort of Cooking

13. This takes natural fruit popsicles to another level.

Make mini popsicles for a small treat.
Whisked Foodie

14. Have a freshly baked cookie whenever you want. Simply pop one out, throw it in the oven, and you have a cookie in minutes.

Use your ice cube tray to portion out homemade cookie dough.
Fit Sugar

Credit: Diply

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