12 Brilliant Ways To Use Zip Ties That You Hadn't Thought Of

Zip ties are cheap, versatile, and durable - so why aren't more people fired up about them? They may not look like much, but zip ties are basically the second duct tape - with a little imagination, there is an unlimited number of applications for them. Here are some of our favorites, compiled in a YouTube video by Thaitrick.

1. Makeshift Zipper Pull

If the zipper on one of your suitcases starts to lag or break off, this can help you avoid a costly repair. Loop a small-sized zip tie through the eye of the zipper. Cut off the excess, leaving about an inch to pull on.

2. Temporary Key Chain

Just hold your keys in a single-file line and thread a zip tie through them. Then, just cut off the excess with scissors and you've got a DIY keychain.

3. Curtain Rings

If you find yourself in need of some shower curtain rings, you can always make your own with zip ties! Thread a zip tie through the hole in the curtain, and then loop it around the curtain rod before closing it up and snipping off the excess. Voila! Just be sure to leave some room so they slide on the rod.

4. Soup Spoon Saver

Are your kids always dropping spoons into bowls of soup? Just tightly fasten a zip tie to the upper handle area of the spoon, making sure the square part protrudes outwards. Cut away the excess plastic, and now you can hang your spoon along the rim of the bowl!

Check out some more great hacks in the video below, and be sure to SHARE it with your family and friends.

H/T: Thaitrick

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