12 Clever Alternative Uses For Vaseline

The harsh weather can beat down on our skin, resulting in dry and cracked patches. A healthy body needs strong, moisturized skin. For years, people have been using Vaseline to soothe their irritated skin and chapped lips. Unlike most moisturizers, Vaseline is made from 100 percent petroleum jelly - which is a combination of mineral oils and waxes. Thanks to a triple purification process, the jelly produced is clear of any imperfections. The result is a consistently smooth product that’s hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic, meaning it will not clog your precious pores. 

Healthy skin consists of 90 percent water. Over the course of the day, we lose about a pint of this water, leaving our skin vulnerable. According to their website, Vasoline heals skin from within by creating a sealing barrier between cells in your skin. This locks in moisture, helping replenish your skin after it has lost water.

While dermatologists recommend using Vaseline on your skin, it actually can be used on a number of other things. Did you know you can fix a cracked phone screen with Vasoline? It’s surprisingly true. In fact, this super jelly is as versatile as duct tape and WD-40.

Check out these 12 clever alternative uses for this magical goop.

1. DIY Body Scrub

Say goodbye to pricey body scrubs and make your own. Combine some Vaseline and kosher salt for a more budget-friendly way to get clean. As a bonus tip, Allure recommends applying a little Vaseline mixed with some sugar to your lips before applying makeup.

2. Zipper Unsticker

Having trouble getting a zipper on your jacket or pants to behave? We've all been there. Mindly's got the clever fix for a stuck zipper. Just apply some Vaseline to get it loosey-goosey again.

3. Fix A Scratched Phone Screen

Nothing stops your heart quite like dropping your phone. Repair companies will charge insane amounts to fix a scratched phone screen, but you don't need them. Fill in the scratches with Vaseline. WikiHow has a great how-to guide to help you do it right.

4. Get Rid Of Scuffs From Leather Shoes

Got a few scuffs on your nice leather shoes? Make them shine again before your next meeting with a little Vaseline. Harper's Bazaar suggests rubbing away any scuff marks with some jelly and a cotton swab. What a great, simple solution!

5. Protect Your Paint Jobs

Sometimes painter's tape doesn't cover everything. If you have small or awkward areas you need to protect from a paint job, Refunk My Junk recommends covering them with a layer of Vaseline. This works perfectly for door hinges, keyholes, and more areas tape has trouble covering.

6. Easy Manicured Nails

Whether you're painting your bedroom or your nails, there are certain areas you need to protect. Byrdie suggests adding some Vaseline to your cuticles to keep any nail polish from latching onto your skin. After all, nail polish is for our nails and nails only.

7. Remove Clothing Stains

Stain remover pens just aren't worth the money, not when there are better alternatives. If you're wrestling with a stubborn stain on your favorite shirt, pillow, or bed sheets, rub on some Vaseline. According to Byrdie, this will help banish any unwanted marks.

8. Lubricate Squeaky Hinges

Is your home starting to sound like a haunted mansion? The Family Handyman recommends using Vaseline as an alternative to spray lubricants. Unlike sprays, Vaseline won't fly over parts that don't need attention (and it will smell better, too). Dabbing some Vaseline into your door hinge pin slots will get rid of any annoying squeaking.

9. Insect Repellent

It's summertime and the bugs are buzzing. Where citronella candles fail, Vaseline is there to save the day. According to R.L. Eadens and Knoji, rubbing Vaseline on your arms and legs will keep insects from biting. Back off, bugs!

10. Remove Watermarks From Wooden Surfaces

Not using a coaster should be a crime. Fight back against those who refuse to use a coaster with Vaseline. We don't mean hit them with the jar, but by buffing out those watermarks by applying a layer of Vaseline. According to Apartment Therapy, letting Vaseline sit on the stain overnight will help lift it away.

11. Perfume Power-Up

Cheaper fragrances don't last as long as more expensive ones. All You has found a nifty solution for getting the most out of your favorite scent. Just dab on some Vaseline to the sides of your neck and wrists before applying perfume to make the scent last longer.

12. Hair Treatment

All You has another fantastic money-saving tip for us. By rubbing a small amount of Vaseline to the ends of your hair (and/or eyebrows), you can fix any split ends. Thanks to Vaseline's sealing power, your hair will be protected from further damage. This handy gel is certainly earning its place in the medicine cabinet. 

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H/T: Remedy Daily

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