12 Designs That Take Everyday Objects To The Next Level

These designers looked at everyday objects and thought, “there has to be a better way”. Check out how these genius designers improved everyday objects by turning them into elegant, functional works of art. And if anyone wants to come over and install #12 at my place, I'll be here all day. Seriously, bring the tools and the supplies and I’ll provide the lemonade.

1. This Elegant Set Of Stairs Is Also Wheelchair Accessible.


This is such a brilliant idea. It doesn't really seem too obtrusive from a design standpoint, just smoothing out certain sections of an already existing staircase.

2. This Bunk Bed Is Great For Playtime As Well As Sleep, And It Looks Stylish To Boot.

What kids wouldn't love having a setup like this? I know kids are always wanting their own space now, but this would probably go a long way towards convincing them to share a room. 

3. Gee, I Wonder What Inspired This Design…

Everything about this is pure genius. We've all been there, you get all settled in to do your business and suddenly, you realize you've run out of toilet paper. This will help make that a thing of the past.

4. Give Your Cat The Perfect Place To Cat Nap Without Losing Any Space.

Your cat will thank you... to the extent that cats are actually capable of showing gratitude. At the least, it'll take a snooze there and let you know it appreciates your efforts through those many, many naps.


5. This New Take On The Electric Plug Simplifies Cords That Need To Be Plugged In And Out. It Would Definitely Help With Storage Too!

Brilliant! I've got one plug in my kitchen that I'm always switching in and out, and this would make life so much easier when it comes to that. 

6. This Modern Toothpaste Tube Not Only Uses Every Drop Of The Toothpaste, But It Could Cut Down Waste By Two-Thirds.

I always feel so bad about the leftover toothpaste in the tube that I know I'm just throwing away because I can't get to it. Why isn't this the standard design already?

7. An Old Piano Gets A New Life As A Stunning Desk.

Be still my beating heart. If anyone who is shopping for me for Christmas is reading this, please know: if you get me this, I will literally never stop loving you.

8. The Boring Beige Cat Condo Gets A Contemporary Makeover With These Kitty Cube Shelves.

Because even kitties appreciate the fresh new look of contemporary architecture. Conventional cat houses are so last year.

9. This Glass Doorknob Shows A Fisheye View Of What's Going On In The Room.

This is one of those things that's either super useful or super creepy depending on where in the house it's placed. Remember, kids: never go pee in a bathroom with a glass doorknob.


10. These School Supplies Make Up The Filling Of This Tortilla Bread Inspired Carrying Case.

When your love of shwarmas/gyros needs to be declared through everything you do, this is the pencil case that you reach for.

11. This Bike Brings Its Own Lock, Built Right Into Its Mind-Bending Frame.

I wonder how many bikes he's had stolen from him before he came up with this idea? Either way, it's definitely a brilliant idea.

12. Yes, Please. This Is A Dream Come True.

Is that a choir of angels I hear? Why yes, I do believe it is! 

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H/T: Full Punch

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