12 Dog Body Language Signs

Many of us love having dogs as members of our households. There are several benefits to having dogs, but the most important is the sense of companionship and loyalty they have toward their families. Dogs are great at picking up on how we are feeling, and they absolutely love trying to make us feel better when we are feeling down. With this in mind, why not try to get better at understanding dogs’ language? Even knowing a few simple cues can help strengthen the bond that we share with our pets.

1. Constant eye contact is usually a sign of deep affection toward whom they are looking at.  This common facial expression is typically a sign of a strong attachment to a person.


2. If a dog is constantly bringing things to you, it usually means that it is trying to give you a gift. This behavior goes back to the days when dogs were used as companions in hunting, and they would bring food for their owners.


3. When dogs raise one paw up in the air with their heads down, it is typically a sign that they are getting ready to pounce. When dogs do this stance, they are in the mood for hunting.


4. If you ever see a dog hunched over trying to look small, it is most likely feeling scared. It can be afraid of an object, but it can also be the result of an abusive situation.

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5. If a dog is trained not to chew on things, chewing on furniture is a typical symptom of separation anxiety.


6. For dogs that have a dominant personality, sitting on someone’s feet is a sign that they are trying to assert themselves.


7. Like with humans, dogs yawn because they are tired. If dogs yawn frequently, however, it can mean they are stressed in their environment.


8. If dogs are in a relaxed environment, yawning can also just mean that they are comfortable.


9. Leaning or brushing up against a person is indicative that the dog wants attention and affection.



10. When dogs’ tongues extend straight out of their mouths, it means that they are feeling uncomfortable. This can be the result of a situation or a person.

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11. Most dogs want to sleep in your bed. They just want to always be around you.

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12. Calmly staring at you as you leave home is a good sign that dogs are okay with being left alone. If they are barking or clawing, it means that they are anxious about the thought of you leaving.

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