12 New Uses For Old Ironing Boards

Ironing boards used to be a household staple in every home, but garment steamers and a general leniency on perfectly-pressed clothing nowadays has rendered many ironing boards quite useless. You may have an ironing board at home that has just been collecting dust for the past few years, but perhaps you are reluctant to throw it out because you just might need it sometime in the future. Well, there are other ways to make your ironing board useful around the house. They can be great for many utility purposes - the best part is that you can decorate them to your taste at the same time! Here are a few great ways to turn that old ironing board into useful household items:

An Accent Table


With a little bit of sprucing up, a vintage ironing board can be repurposed as a rustic accent table for your foyer or hallway. Decorate it appropriately to match your decor, and it will be a clever topic of conversation whenever you have guests.

A Bookshelf


With a bit of creativity, an ironing board can be used as a makeshift bookshelf to display your collection of literature. This is especially handy for students who always need to keep a variety of textbooks handy.

A Work Desk

Smart Tech Design

Speaking of students, ironing boards also make for a handy work desk in a pinch. It may not be the most ideal solution, but being a student often means making due with what you have.

Storage For Craft Tools

The Rehab Boutique

With a few pieces of additional hardware, ironing boards can be used to store craft supplies near your workspace. It's great for keeping everything within reach, and the board can be painted to match the look of your room.


A Jewelry Stand


An ironing board can be used as a metal jewelry stand, as it already comes with holes for you to add hooks or simply hang earrings off of. The best part is that it can be set up against a wall and take up very little space.

A Hangable Jewelry Display


Similar to the jewelry stand, this hangable jewelry display works best with the smaller-sized ironing boards. You can hang them on the back of a door or even on the wall if you have a lot of beautiful jewelry to show off.

A Laundry-Room Organizer

Coastal Bohemian

An ironing board is something that people typically store in their laundry room, so an ironing board-themed organizer fits right in! It's also great at conserving space, as it can be hung behind the door.

Sewing Supplies Organizer

Smart Tech Design

Instead of having to rummage through a box for the right thread color or sewing tool, you can have them ready at hand in front of you with this neat display.

Customizable Side Table


The slimness of an ironing board actually makes it perfect for a side table in a narrow space. The best part is that you can customize the tabletop to your taste and never forget your keys on your way out again.


Christmas Tree Display

Beyond The Picket Fence

Real Christmas trees - and even the fake ones - are both expensive and quite a hassle to set up and tear down. If you want a quick, simple Christmas tree display, you can paint an ironing board your favorite shade of green and decorate it with string lights, ornaments, and even photos of your family and loved ones.

Welcome Sign

Forever Decorating

A beautiful welcome mat by your front door is a good idea, but some people may not notice it if they're standing right on top of it. An elegant welcome sign can really impress visitors and can be done cost-effectively with an ironing board and some paint.

A Laundry Room Tabletop

Quilting Board/gale

This fantastic idea will complete your laundry room station. Simply attach an ironing board to the top of an organizer, and you'll be able to execute all your laundry-room needs in one place.

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