12 Unique (And Easy) Ways To Make Your Nails Look Great

Salon-quality nails can be expensive and time-consuming. Many nail designs that look complicated are actually pretty simple, not to mention easy to do with the tools you already have. Check out these stunning nail designs below and you might even learn a new skill that you can share with your friends!

1. Trust in the power of the sponge to provide a great base.


2. These drops on top of matte polish really pop.

The Lacquer Log

3. Patience is the key when it comes to these four color nails.


4. A fan brush can turn any polish into a stylish design.

LifeWorldWomen - DIY - EasyNailArtDesigns


5. Look like an artist with a few perfectly placed dots.

Ramblings of a Girl in the City

6. You'll "heart" this trick to use polish like a pen.

The Beauty Department

7. Use mesh as a stencil to get an original, intricate look.


8. You'll be the star of any holiday party with this simple string trick.

The Beauty Department

9. This method is like a magic trick, so simple once you know how it's done!

Nail Stories


10. "Foil" the plans of boring nails by applying a shine to solid colors.

Nail Nerd

11. Paper towels can also clean up your look!

I Am Baby Panda

12. Achieve ultimate "bookworm" status by applying text to your nails.

Natalie Creations

Via: Diply

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