12 Whimsical Bookshelf Ideas: These Aren't Your Average Libraries

The move toward everything digital is happening at a faster and faster pace. Soon, printed books will be nonexistent. Almost everyone owns a tablet or an e-reader of some kind. We rarely see people reading from an actual book nowadays. For us bookworms, this is somewhat disconcerting news. Although we will be saving a lot of trees, reading books off of a screen is a completely different experience than reading from a printed page.

Books are like fine wine; they develop more flavor and character the longer they age. Old books have a distinct aroma that makes all book lovers go weak in the knees. It’s very much like how people enjoy the smell of a new car, puppy breath, or a newborn baby. As you read your favorite books over and over, the pages become softer and the covers get worn around the edges. Then, there is the physical act of turning a page. These are all the tangible things you are missing when you read the digital copy of a story.

Some avid readers go above and beyond to maximize their reading experience. They create homes for their beloved books or special nooks that help transport them to other worlds. There’s just something beautiful about having your books lined up. Some of these bookshelf ideas just might bring back a demand for printed books.

Check out these 12 amazing book lovers who created the perfect home for their books.

1. The very giving tree.


2. For all of your classics.

Tina Baine

3. A book for any state you're in.

Will Pryce


4. For the boy who lived in a cupboard under the stairs (Harry Potter fans will know what I mean).


5. Books are magical ...

My Wonder List

6. Something for "The Little Princess."

Apartment Therapy

7. For when you're in Wonderland and fall through to the center of the world "and come out the other side, where people walk upside down.” - "Alice in Wonderland"

Nicolas Scordia

8. A tree grows in "Book-lyn."

Olivier Dollé via Home Dsgn

9. A book lover's "Iron Throne."



10. You'll be iron born with this one! George R. R. Martin would be proud.


11. For the love of Hemingway.


12. An architect, John Locke, installed bookshelves into old phone booths in NYC to provide a space for people to donate and take books, as needed.

John Locke

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H/T: The San Francisco Globe

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