12-Year-Old Primoridal Dwarf Overcomes Incredible Medical Odds

Good health is something that people take for granted every day. Many individuals are born with medical conditions that make it harder for them to live normal lives. We often find that these people have a greater desire to live amazing lives than those of us without any disabilities. 

Kenadie Jourdin-Bromley is one of these people. She was born with a rare type of primordial dwarfism that only affects 100 other patients. Despite what the doctors told her and her family, Kenadie has gone on to live a satisfying life full of empathy and love. Check out the images below to learn more about Kenadie, her family and their incredible story.

At just eight months old, Kenadie's family received the news that she had an extremely rare type of primordial dwarfism.

The nurses nicknamed her "Thumbelina" because she only weighed two and a half pounds when she was born.

This is Kenadie now. At age 12, she's actively involved in athletics, art and school. The one thing that sets her apart from other girls her age is the fact that she's only three feet tall.

Even though she's 12, Kenadie weighs as much as a 2-year-old.

Unfortunately, we've yet to come up with a treatment for her condition.


As a result, Kenadie is frequently ill and experiences delayed mental development.

Additionally, those suffering from primordial dwarfism often have respiratory problems and eating issues.

Doctors tried hormone therapy, but because Kenadie doesn't have any hormone imbalance, it didn't yield any results.

Kenadie's family was devastated when they were told that she would only live for a few days. But, contrary to what the doctors thought, she kept living.

Today, Kenadie is doing great.

She hasn't let her underdeveloped limbs, fragile bones and learning difficulties prevent her from doing everything that she wants to. Hockey, ice-skating, swimming and learning are a few of Kenadie's favorite activities.

Her mother, Brianne, had this to say about her daughter: "She’s kind-hearted, she is loving, and wants to share everything with everyone. She is feisty, determined, and independent."


Moreso than other parents, Brianne is filled with joy when Kenadie learns how to do something new.

Kenadie isn't intimidated by her younger brother, even if he is a little taller.

Kenadie and her family learn something new about her condition each day, unsure of what new challenges the future holds.

No matter what comes next, they're ready to take it on together. Brianne says that her "hope for the future for Kenadie is just that she is happy, and that she finds things that make her happy and make her smile."

To see more of Kenadie’s amazing story, check out the video below: 

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