13 Crazy Japanese Inventions That You Didn't Know You Needed Immediately

Japan is the land of the weird and the wonderful, and they've come up with some pretty "genius" inventions over the years. Some of these ideas are actually kind of clever, while others just make you wonder what they were thinking.

1. Ramen Splash Protector

Back in my college days, I might have had a legitimate need for this device. By the way, if you'd like to avoid noodle splashes without wearing something like this, a friend of mine told me the best thing to do is to pull the noodle between both chopsticks as you slurp it.

2. Butter Grater

You know what? I've ruined enough pieces of toast in my life due to a block of cold butter to be able to appreciate the genius that is this invention. 

3. Shoulder Pillow

On the surface, this seems like it's really only something for lonely women, but honestly, cuddling like that can be kind of uncomfortable as a guy. Don't get me wrong, having my wife cuddle up on me is the best feeling... for the first hour or so, at which point my arm falls asleep. 

4. Solar-Powered Cigarette Lighter

It's probably going to take you most of your cigarette break to get it lit, but hey, at least it's solar-powered.

5. Karaoke Silencer

Oh, my god, I want to buy 100 of these and hand them out at all the bars in my neighborhood. Where has this been all my life? 


6. Pillow In A Book

Hard at work or hardly working? With this clever book, you don't have to choose!

7. Eye Drop Funnel

I'd totally use this. Anytime anything gets near my eyes, I completely freak out. I haven't needed a lot of eye drops in my life, but it was definitely a challenge whenever I did.

8. Infinite Bubble Wrap Popper

This is genius. Now you can get the joy of popping bubble paper whenever you want, for as long as you want. It's like an infinite bubble popper right on your keychain.

9. Subway Sleeper Devices

I'd definitely advise just going to bed earlier if you're this sleep-deprived... or maybe some really strong espresso. That first one in particular looks like a tragedy waiting to happen.

10. Portable Tissue Dispenser

Uhhhhh... yeah. So that's a thing. 


11. Camera-Assisted Ear Wax Remover

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Y'know, the process of removing ear wax just isn't visually interactive enough," and felt frustrated by it? Well then, this one's for you.

12. Hearing Aid

Not only will these hearing aids help you pick up more ambient noise, you'll also be surprised at their noise-canceling abilities as everyone starts to avoid being near you.

13. Square Watermelons

Some people say these square watermelons were made to maximize space while packing fruit, but the fact of the matter is that it's actually costlier to make these than the money saved by packing a square shipping container a little more fully. They're just a fun novelty.

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H/T: 9gag

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