14 Game-Changing Inventions

Feb 16, 2015

Imagine inventing something so clever, so useful that you could quit your day job forever. In this day and age, it seems like there are new technological advancements every time we turn around. You buy a new computer or phone and two months later, wham. There's something bigger and better on the market. If only you could have held out a little longer …

However, not all inventions are high-tech. You might have heard the saying “there is nothing new in this world,” but these 14 products prove that all wrong. Sure, something similar may have come before to inspire these creations, but a new twist on an old idea can take over the market in a bold way

Like, for instance, Facebook. Before Mark Zuckerberg created his multibillion-dollar company, there were other social media sites, most notably Myspace, but nothing that could come close to competing with the media giant that Facebook has become. And sure, they are other ways to slice a pizza or uncork a bottle of bubbly, but are they truly the best ways?

Perhaps these 14 clever inventions will make you rethink some of the products you encounter on a daily basis. Who knows? You might even be the next one to strike it big on Shark Tank

1. Light-Up Slippers

Opulent Items

Want to grab a drink in the middle of the night, but don't want to disturb your family by turning on the lights? The days of stubbed toes and tripping over the coffee table on the way to the kitchen are finally over! These high-tech slippers will get you where you need to go, for the reasonable price of $19.99. Order a pair here

2. The Ultimate Highlighter 

Gadget Review

Highlighters are a great way to stay organized for school or work, but the blind spot created by the marker has caused even the most fastidious of us to write off-track. Luckily, the Uni Promark comes with a built-in viewfinder, so you can keep an eye on exactly what you are highlighting in real time. 

3. A See-Through Toaster 


The heating glass technology needed for this toaster is still in beta, but as Inventables describes: “The transparent toaster allows you to see the bread while its toasting so you're never surprised by toast that comes out to dark.” That's a breakfast upgrade I can definitely get behind. 

4. The Roll Dispenser Every Family Needs

Agape Designs

This one is going to solve so many arguments. Finally, everyone can stop arguing about who didn't replace the roll – with this dispenser, there's always backups. Too bad it's not yet for sale! 


5. Butter … Knife … Magic! 

Butter Knife Magic/ Amazon

But really, the name of this product truly is Butter Knife Magic. It's slices, grates, curls and it's in stock, so what are you waiting for? 

6. A Better Way To Eat Pizza

Innovative Products Inc.

If a fork and a spoon is a spork, what's a fork and a pizza cutter? We don't know, but we really want one! It might not be the most practical way to eat pizza, but it looks like a blast. Buy it here for only $4.99. 

7. Uncork With Style 

Secura/ Amazon

Want your bottles uncorked perfectly every time? This device will do it for you in mere seconds. Buy your own here

8. The Universal Plug 

Universal Plug

Plugs are typically located in hard-to-get-to places, like behind bookshelves or furniture. As a shortcut, it's tempting to grab the cord and yank, but this can damage or even destroy your cord. Why no one thought of a plug with a simple finger hole sooner, I'll never know! The universal plug also lights up when in use, a gentle but effective reminder for people to unplug and save electricity. It’s still just a concept, but has won design awards. 

9. The One-Handed Zipper

Under Armour

Who hasn't tried to zip up their jacket with one hand? It's never worked – until today! Under Armour is currently featuring jackets with MagZip technology, which make one-handed zipping a breeze. 


10. High-Tech USB

Apricorn/ Amazon

There's no easier way to transfer files from one place to another than a USB, but there's always a danger of someone else getting finding it and plugging it in. If you want to keep your files secure, check out the Aegis Secure Key. It will set you back $120, but when it comes to keeping your identity safe, is any price really too high? 

11. Ping Pong Door 

Oddity Mall

It's a door … it's a ping pong table … it's a great way to pass time when the boss is out of the office! If you love table tennis, but also want to save space, this is the door for you. 

12. Corner Photo Frames


Corners aren't usually an exciting place, but the German company Details is changing that with these unique photo frames. How long before the trend reaches America? 

13. The Power Nap Head Pillow 

Hammacher Schlemmer

Hands down, this one is my favorite! The power nap head pillow makes it possible to catch some Z's just about anywhere. Who cares how silly you look? Buy one here

14. Peek-A-Boo Umbrella 

25togo/ Amazon 

This one is so popular, it's currently out of stock on Amazon. Too bad – it really is genius! 

Via: The Daily Buzz

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