15 Amazing Things You Didn't Know About Your Own Body

The human body is a natural work of art. It's an incredibly complicated biological machine which renders not only our ability to do things but also our consciousness. 

There's so much going on inside of us at any one moment that it would take lifetimes to examine it all. So instead of doing that, we're going to focus on some of the most amazing things that your body does and that you probably weren't aware of.

These 15 facts about the human body are simply mind blowing, and we bet that you'll be really keen to share them with your friends. 

1. Don't Cry For Me Argentina


Actually, it's only human beings that could cry for Argentina. We are the only species on earth capable of producing tears based on our emotions. 

2. Sweat Doesn't Smell

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Most people think it's sweating that makes them smell. Actually, sweat is pretty much odorless. It's the bacteria which breed in your sweat after it's on your body that stinks.

3. The New You

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You might not be able to get your head around this at all, but every 10 years or so, every last atom of your skeleton is replaced. So there's a "new you" every decade.

4. A Funny Flush


Blushing is an unusual phenomenon in its own right. What's even weirder is that every time your cheeks flush with embarrassment, so does the lining of your stomach. 


5. We'll Get There In The End


Because when we lived as hunter-gatherer tribes we had to run after prey for very long distances, humans are the best long-distance runners of all animal species. 

6. A Long Way To Blink


The human eye requires more than 100,000 unconscious muscle movements a day. If you moved your legs 100,000 times, you'd walk more than 50 miles in day!

7. Soothing Sleep

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This is peculiar, but the higher your IQ, the more likely you are to dream when you sleep. There's also evidence that a high IQ can stave off mental health problems. 

8. Superhuman Feats

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Adrenalin, shown above in chemical format, can give us superhuman strength. It's why someone can lift a car off someone trapped beneath it, even though they could never normally lift a car.

9. Unlovely But Necessary


Nobody likes earwax. It's kind of revolting, isn't it? Yet without it, we'd have real problems. Earwax is the first line of defense for your ears against the outside world. 

10. Pointless


The only hair on the body that serves any real purpose is found on the face. We don't need any of the rest of it at all. 


11. Really Strange


The body is incredibly good at healing itself. Almost every part of your body will self-repair - except for your teeth. Teeth must be healed by a dentist. 

12. A Very, Very Long Way


The human body has a lot of blood vessels such as veins, arteries, capillaries, etc. How much is a lot? Lay them out end to end and you'll have 60,000 miles of them!

13. Seriously Sensitive


The sense of smell can be severely underestimated. Did you know that we can identify more than 50,000 distinct scents? Women also have a superior sense of smell to men.

14. Feeling No Pain

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The one part of our body that processes and interprets pain is also absolutely unable to feel pain. Which part is that? The brain, of course. 

15. Smile, Please


It's funny, but it actually takes less effort to smile than it does to frown. Mainly because you need to use 43 different muscles to frown but only 17 to smile.

Isn't that incredible? We'd never have guessed how many interesting little secrets lay within our own bodies. We're also quite glad that most of them aren't gross. 

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