15 Brilliant Fridge Organization Tips To Keep You From Throwing Food Away

With all of the time that we spend standing in front of our refrigerators just searching for something to eat, you'd think that they would always stay well-cleaned and rather organized, right?

Nah. Not really. But with this roundup of tips and tricks for getting your fridge game together, you won't deal with the frustration of clutter and expired food any longer. It'll take a bit of time to clean it out and then organize, but once you've done it, you won't have to do it again!

Read on for plenty of pointers—your fridge will never be the same.

1. Label Everything


Freezers get overcrowded when we don't know what's stashed in there. Find a labeling system that works for you—it doesn't have to be fancy!

2. Stash The Milk Elsewhere


Don't store your milk in the refrigerator door. It's the most susceptible to temperature fluctuations when you open and close it, which can make milk spoil faster. Store it on a shelf instead.

3. Leftovers In Sight


When you've got food that needs to be eaten soon, make sure that it's front and center in the fridge so you don't miss it.

4. Freeze Bottled Water


Fill bottles almost to their tops with water and pop them in an empty freezer. This will help the freezer run more efficiently by just giving it something to freeze!


5. Keep Salads Fresh


Store your salads in mason jars and the ingredients will stay fresh for up to one week or longer. And make sure you rinse and dry leafy greens before popping them in the fridge, or else they can quickly wilt and get gunky.

6. Beware Of Overcrowding


A freezer that's packed too tightly will run inefficiently, as it's tougher to circulate cool air. As such, your food will succumb to freezer burn or it will melt and spoil.

7. Tape And Markers


Keep a roll of masking tape and a permanent marker near the fridge. This will make it super easy and quick to label your stuff.

8. Deep Clean


Clean your fridge whenever you notice dirt or spills and you won't have to deep clean as often. If you can pull the fridge out from the wall easily, try to vacuum underneath and behind it a few times each year.

9. Lazy Susan


Pick up a lazy susan or a turntable with storage containers to make it easier to sift through all of the stuff in your fridge.

10. Kill Odors


Make sure your food is covered whenever possible, or else it will release moisture into the fridge's air that will turn into odors over time.


11. Top To Bottom


Professional kitchens organize their fridges in the order of cooking needs. Ready-to-eat foods are stashed at the top and raw meat stays at the bottom. This way, if anything spills downward, it won't cross-contaminate anything below it. 

12. Baking Soda


Baking soda isn't just for cooking. Crack open a box and stash it in your fridge, and it'll absorb odors and help keep things fresh.

13. Organize With Baskets


A set of baskets will make it much easier to navigate your freezer. Label them clearly and you'll be able to quickly pull them out and grab what you need.

14. Get The Air Out


Make sure to squeeze any excess air out of plastic storage bags in order to prevent freezer burn. Another tip: Stash containers of ice cream in large baggies to prevent freezer burn, too.

15. Clean It Out


Make this a habit: Whenever you're staring into your fridge for something to eat, paw through the stuff to see if you should toss anything out.

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