15 Brilliant Tips And Tricks For Dog Owners That'll Make You The Coolest Human Around

Ask any dog owner and they're likely to tell you that their pup's well-being is priority #1. Much like raising kids, dogs are also dependent on you for their well-being. That's why pet parents love sharing tips and tricks to make life easier the same way that other parents do for their human kids.

Below, you'll find 15 incredibly clever hacks for pet owners that make taking care of your pets so much easier. From creating the perfect doggie first aid kit to making a super-comfy bed that requires no sewing, these are tips that every pet parent is sure to love.

1. Dry Shampoo

She Knows

Use this mixture to freshen up your pup's coat using baking soda, corn starch, and vanilla oil.

2. DIY Doggie Bed

Practically Functional

Paint an old tire and stuff with a round, fluffy pillow to make a perfect dog bed in no time. Learn more here.

3. Scoop Hook

DIY Inspired

Never lose your scoop again with this clever idea! All it takes is an adhesive hook on the side.

4. Doggie First Aid Kit

The TipToe Fairy

Here's how to throw together a basic first aid for your favorite furry friend.

5. Self-Refilling Water Bowl


Tired of constantly refilling your dog's water bowl? Try this clever idea. Once the water level dips below the mouth of the bottle, it'll automatically release more water.


6. Pupsicles

Massive Sway

Use your pup's favorite treats instead of wooden craft sticks for a cool, refreshing treat that's 100% edible! Learn how here.

7. Fitted Sheet Keep Everything Clean

Good Dogs And Co.

Use fitted sheets on your furniture to prevent accumulation of pet hair.

8. Cooling Vest


Here's a great way to turn an old pair of cargo shorts into a nice summertime accessory to keep your puppy cool.

9. DIY Knot Ball

Hands Occupied

Stuff a treat in the center of a knot ball to keep your pup busy for hours. Learn how to make one here.

10. Hidden Food Storage

Better Homes And Gardens

This one depends on the layout of your kitchen, but it's a brilliant way to keep that dog food neatly out of sight.

11. No-Sew Dog Bed

One Good Thing By Jillee

With just a few yards of fleece and some Poly-fil, you can make an awesomely comfortable bed for your dog - and you don't even have to know how to sew, Learn more here.


12. Cornstarch And Water

Taste Of Southern

Sometimes, when you're clipping your pooch's nails, you might accidentally get a bit too close. If this happens, apply a soothing mixture of cornstarch and water with a Q-Tip. You could also use baking soda instead of cornstarch. Learn how here.

13. Ice Cake

Boing Boing

This is a great way to keep your pup busy and cool on a hot summer's day. Simply freeze up a big ol' ice cake with their favorite toys and treats frozen inside! Learn how here.

14. Squeegees For Hair Removal

Thrifty And Chic

Not many people know this but rubber squeegees are amazingly effective at digging up stubborn pet hair out of the carpet.

15. Slow Down Their Eating

One Good Thing By Jillee

If your pup tends to inhale his food, put a ball or a bowl in the middle to create a narrower access space that forces them to slow their approach. Learn more here.

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