15 Clever Tips And Tricks For Becoming A Better Photographer

"Pics or it didn't happen." Since you're documenting every moment, meal and selfie of your everyday life, make it look great with these quick and easy camera hacks. (Bonus: none of these are going to involve spending a boatload of cash on fancy accessories.)

Use a beanbag for a handy household tripod that's child and pet proof.

Do It Yourself Divas

You can DIY bokeh shapes with construction paper.

How About Orange

How About Orange

How About Orange

A coffee sleeve is a great, free lens hood to shield against the sun, on the go.

Roesch Photography

An old Pringles can attached to a flash for snoot-style lighting.

Digital Camera World


Fill a pouch with lentils, beans or popcorn kernels to reduce shakiness.

Digital Camera World

Digital Camera World

Need a ring flash? No problem.


Paper over a bright window creates a lightbox.

Digital Camera World

A sandwich bag or cling wrap can be used for romantic photo haze.


Look for ways to add punches of color to your backdrops.

Sarah Hearts

Mrs. Beach Bride


The Trigger Tap app turns your smartphone into a shutter remote.


If you're really handy, you can sew together your own felt carrying case.


Gallon bags help protect your camera against dampness in a pinch.


A business card is an easy way to bounce the flash for a more flattering fill.

DIY Photography

Flash diffusers run about $20 apiece, but you can create your own with an empty milk carton.


Attach a toilet paper roll and tape it together so that it's light-leak proof, for a DIY macro lens for stunning close-ups.

Digital Camera World

Credit: Diply

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