15 Clever Tips And Tricks For Parents

Parenting is just one of those things where, no matter how much you read about it, watch videos of experts, or attend classes and seminars, there's nothing that adequately prepares you for it. Every child is different, as are each set of parents, so what works for one family may not always work for the other. Life throws curveballs at you all the time, and even if it didn't, raising kids is already a handful! 

For most parents, anything that helps keep their kids busy and safe is a godsend. Let's face it, kids are wonderful, but they're absolutely exhausting. Clever parents know that by putting a little time and effort into some ways to keep your kids busy/getting along with each other means you can enjoy a little bit of quiet time at some point. 

Nobody ever said being a parent was an easy job, but hopefully, the 15 tips and tricks (most of them provided by other parents) presented below will at least give you some breathing room.

1. This is such a cute idea, and a great way to keep kids practicing their writing skills.


2. Outdoor time gets a little more magical thanks to these tents suspended from hula hoops.

Allana George

3. Kids fighting? Why not try a "Get Along Shirt?"


4. What a great tradition!



5. A large roll of butcher paper becomes hours of fun for this little one.


6. Keep the kids busy (and helpful) by putting up a chore list on a baking sheet.

A Spotted Pony

7. For older, less motivated kids, try this devilishly clever little trick!


8. Make the morning routine stress-free by having that day's clothes ready to go.

How To Do It Info

9. Cookie jars make for a great storage solution for crayons and various knick-knacks.


10. Before tossing large boxes to the curb, let your child unleash their inner Picasso on it.

Berry SweetBaby


11. Thanks to a strategically placed mirror, Mom can see everything going on in the basement.

Redhead Can Decorate

12. Tape off sections of canvas and let your child's imagination run free. Remove the tape to create a stunning piece of art.

Fab Art DIY

13. Here's an easy way to baby-proof your drawers!

I'm a Lazy Mom

14. A paper plate to secure drips just made ice cream time a lot more enjoyable for parents.


15. Once your tot outgrows their crib, why not repurpose it into a desk?

A Little Learning For Two

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