15 Dads With Fabulous Makeovers

A good parent is willing to go through a lot for his or her children. They'll take them to school, pick them up from their extracurriculars, cook dinner, answer questions about homework (and life in general), read them stories, check the closet for monsters and tuck them into bed all in the same day. It can be a thankless job, and few people are willing to put in the amount of effort that it takes to be an outstanding role model for their kids.

There are, however, a few special men who have demonstrated that they are braver than the average father. When their daughters wanted to give them makeovers, these dads willingly volunteered their bodies to be covered in a hefty amount of makeup, bows and jewelry. And guess what? These guys came out looking more fabulous than ever before. Dads getting makeovers from their daughters remind us that there is nothing more manly than supporting your child's creativity. Without any further ado, we present the 15 best father-daughter makeovers!

1. Beard bows will be the hottest trend this spring.

2. True royalty.

3. His daughter's best attempt at a Troll Doll.

4. No one would recognize Clark Kent under all that makeup.


5. I see a tattoo artist in the making.

6. The sunglasses don't make him look any tougher.

7. "You're sure you've done this before?"

8. He can totally pull off this look.

9. This isn't his first makeover.

10. Look at all that jewelry ... he must come from a very wealthy family.


11. "As long as I can keep playing video games, do whatever you want ..."

12. Just two princesses whispering royal secrets.

13. You could play "Ring Toss" on this dad's head.

14. Finding the perfect shade of lipstick is crucial.

15. Someone stayed up too late at the ball last night.

Via: Aunty Acid

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