15 Dog Tattoos To Celebrate Your Furry Best Friend

Most of us would agree that a dog is a man's (and woman's!) best friend. They are fiercely loyal, incredibly cute, and they bring so much joy into our lives. The bond that we have with dogs is unique, and it is one that is cherished for as long as we live.

Sadly, dogs don't live nearly as long as humans do. Despite the unbearable pain of losing a best friend and a family member, every moment that you get to spend with them is worth it. When the dreaded time comes for them to leave us, every person copes with it in his or her own way. However, we don't have to wait until they are gone to do something special by which to remember our beloved dogs. One meaningful way to pay homage to our furry best friends is with a tattoo. This way, they will always be by our side no matter where we are.

1. It's always adorable when a dog scratches himself with his hind legs.

Thalia Kamarga

2. This artistic portrait of a pit bull must have taken a lot of time and thought.


3. A small, subtle tattoo that represents a limitless, unconditional love for this adorable pup.


4. That is one talented tattoo artist - he even captured the dog's expression perfectly.


5. A creative tattoo of an origami bull terrier.



6. "I didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose me."


7. Greyhound silhouettes depicting what greyhounds do best.


8. This pet owner's got double the trouble at home.


9. A cute, white-ink paw print tattoo.


10. A darling portrayal of sisterly love between two doggies.



11. This is a beautiful way to remember your dog - always happy, always carefree.

Deanna Wardin

12. When your dog is the beat of your heart.


13. No matter where you are or how old you are, your dog will be forever with you every step of the way.

Tattoo Chief

14. Who says that dog lovers can't be cat lovers, too?


15. There is no such thing as too many dogs in the family.


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