15 Easy Outdoor Party Tricks That Will Make Any Summer Shindig A Hit

May 26, 2015

The ability to host friends at an outdoor event is one of the reasons many people love summer. But, between weather and outdoor pests, the soiree could easily become a disaster. Using these 15 outdoor-party hacks will help alleviate the uncontrollable stresses of playing host and will assist in assuring everyone has a great time.

1. Have bug spray and sunscreen readily available for the guests as they arrive.

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2. Create a festive look by using frozen fruit/berries instead of ice in drinks. This stops the drinks from getting watered down, looks great and gives them a bite to eat when their drink runs dry.

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3. Have a s'mores bar. All you need is a long box, rocks and Sterno Candle Lamps to get the fire going and then whatever goodies you want to offer guests.

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4. Create individual nacho cups. This offers less mess and no need to worry about someone double-dipping.

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5. Use gift wrap as the table runner. It's colorful and easy to clean up when the evening draws to an end.

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6. Want to set the mood with candles? Use mason jars instead of traditional candle holders.

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7. Create a refreshment station and, in doing so, make one less job for the hostess. Guests can select their own drink and get it themselves. Instead of filling glasses, the hosts will only need to worry about refilling by the gallon.

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8. Make the utensils easy to grab and go.

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9. Have a do-it-yourself burger bar. Guests will appreciate the choices and the host won't have to worry about made-to-order selections.

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10. Have a healthy snack on a stick, like watermelon.

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11. Horribly hot? Let the kids have fun with a homemade sprinkler.

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12. Keep insects out of drinks with decorative cupcake liners.

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13. A chopped salad in a cup makes for a delicious and healthy meal. Add dressing, shake and enjoy.

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14. To create a natural fly repellent, insert a dozen cloves into fresh lemon halves. This is also a great table decoration.

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15. Using ice cream waffle cones as an edible bowl for fruit salad is a fun treat for everyone. Whipped cream is optional.

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Via: Diply

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