15 Funny Pics That Elevate Laziness To An Art Form

We all have those friends who come up with clever ways to turn burdensome chores into a fun and creative activities. If you don't have one of those friends, CONGRATULATIONS! You are that guy. You have definitely done or seen someone do something in the following photos. You can also come up with better ways to improve them. Some people call you lazy. I say you are the Leonardo da Vincis of our time. You are Renaissance men who only get chastised and scolded because jealous people are envious of your craft. 

Here are 15 misunderstood geniuses who have elevated laziness to an art form!

1. Cell Phone Savior


This kid was getting tired of his arm falling asleep while he tried to watch his programs on his smartphone. He just needs some good speakers.

2. Here, Boy!


Do you have a pesky puppy who won't leave your guests alone? Put it to good use by turning him into a mobile bottle opener.

3. Cell Phone Turned Headset


Doctors say not to bend your neck in order to hold a phone on your shoulder. This problem has been solved without using a headset.

4. Not My Job


There are a lot of other people who don't know how to complete their job properly, but it shouldn't prevent you from doing yours. 

5. Take Out The Papers And The Trash


When mom cooks her signature dinner and it will ready promptly at 5:00 PM and there is no time to take out the trash. It's time to multitask. 


6. No One Sees Them Anyway


If you ever wonder why people spend hours on their toenails only to cover up the beautiful work with shoes, here is your answer. Some don't.

7. Elevator Must Be Broken


There's no point in climbing down a flight of stairs when you can simply hook up the Shop-Vac and cleverly collect your belongings from the ground floor.

8. Pizza's Ready!


Long gone are the days when you set your oven's timer to cook the pizza and have to check it three or four more times until it's ready. Facetime works wonders!

9. Backseat Driver


Everyone knows how those backseat passengers never contribute to the car ride. Put them to work and save time by having them fill the tank.

10. It's Still A Sandwich


What's the point of cutting a piece of bread in half, crafting a sandwich, and then spending valuable eating time cleaning up crumbs? It's all the same in your stomach.

11. Anti-Daylight Savings


Daylight Savings Time doesn't save much time when we have to spend all that time winding the clocks to the correct time. This sign says it all.


12. Bonding Time


That moment you and your little one want some alone time but don't want to sacrifice that special father-daughter bond you've worked so hard for.

13. Do Your Homework And Take The Dog For A Walk


It's really hard to determine which one of them is having the most fun. It needs a footrest on wheels, but he probably lost that three blocks back.

14. What Else Are You Going To Do?


Every one of us has felt like this gentlemen when we get up too early and need to start taking care of our responsibilities. Start the day slowly.

15. Happy Birthday


This one is for those parents who have kids that only come over for 30 minutes on holidays. They never call. They never email. But they still deserve a birthday cake.

We know you've come up with some pretty clever ways to save some time and energy at once. What is your funniest way to make things easier? Be sure to SHARE this with your family and friends!

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