15 Hilarious Photos From People Who Were In The Right Place At The Right Time

Celebrities, comedians, and entertainers have always made us laugh with their jokes and humor—it's what they're paid to do, after all. But once in a while, everyday people find themselves in hilarious situations. Thanks to the internet, we're now able to share these bits of comedy with the world in an instant. In fact, 64% of Americans now own a smartphone—and that's up from 58% in early 2014.

From funny family photos to on-point tweets, here's a roundup of photos snapped by people who found themselves in the right place at exactly the right time.

1. Spaghetti To Go


When you need to get somewhere fast and you're too hungry to leave dinner at home, perhaps you should try this guy's carry-out solution.

2. Smoking Dish


One grandmother apparently had no idea what kind of dish she was using for her cranberry sauce at dinner. That's definitely an ashtray—it's safe to say this grandma has always been a nonsmoker.

3. This Girl's Risky Move


Three girls in Omaha, Nebraska were captured by security after they ran across the field during the final game of the College World Series. They were escorted from the park and fined $1,500, but the photos and videos they took probably made the whole thing worth it.

4. Maternity Photos


This family made sure that every member was pictured for this expectant mother's maternity shoot. That dog had to have been pretty patient while they posed and took these photos.

5. Child's Carrot Win


This photo really captures the excitement that children can feel over super simple things. Who knows what was going through this kid's mind? At least he's proud of himself.


6. Puppy Snapchats


Pet parents know that one great thing about our furry companions is the cheap entertainment that they provide. Who doesn't have a friend that sends great Snapchats of their pet?

7. Holy Snowballs


Here's a photo of a pair of nuns really enjoying a wintertime snowball fight. You know, just your average winter's day at the local church.

8. Pelican Punishment


This woman is having none of that pelican's aggression. Luckily, a family member was able to snap a quick photo of the hilarious scolding.

9. Selfie Stick


This tweet is pretty great. It also shows that dad humor has only become easier to share in the age of smartphones and social media!

10. Making Jay Proud


This happy couple paid homage to Jay-Z's chart-topping 2004 hit by wearing this pair of shirts to a sporting event. Nice motto!

11. A Man And His Dub


Volkswagen owners can be supremely loving towards their cars, and this guy is no exception. He parked his VW by a riverbank for a great photo opportunity.


12. Dog In A Bag


This woman packed her puppy dog into an IKEA bag for optimal subway transport. The New York subway system requires pets to be in bags, so her workaround did the job.

13. Airplane Parenting


It's pretty nice of these parents to give out earplugs to nearby passengers for their baby's first flight. The candy is just a bonus, really.

14. Tuxedo Cat


When your cat is permanently wearing a tuxedo, it only makes sense to include him or her in all of your formalwear photos for life.

15. Boot Envy


The woman pictured here is wearing a great pair of boots, but check out the guy in the back with an impressive pair of his own.

These photos prove that you should definitely keep an eye out for hilarious photo opportunities. You might even capture something that'll make its way across the internet like everything you've seen here!

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