15 Illustrations Telling Harsh Stories About Modern Life That We All Know

Art comes in many forms, recording people and places as we would like them to be. There are representations of brave new worlds and the potential for our kind. There are also artists who delight in satirizing our modern world. One such artist is John Holcroft, who likes to make us think about the realities of our current world. By doing so, he hopes to inspire us to make changes.

Not every one of these images is happy, but they'll all make you smile and maybe (just maybe) they'll help you become the change you want to see in the world.

1. Our Relationship With Money

This is more complex than a love of money. It shows us that we have become dependent on money in a way that isn't always healthy. 

2. The Emptiness Of Social Media

We live in an age where Facebook likes (and their equivalent on other forms of social media) have become the empty validation of many people's lives. 

3. The Ties That Bind Us All

Contracts are supposed to protect us, but in reality, they all too often bind us to things that we might not have agreed to if we were truly free to choose. 

4. The Symbiosis Of Fast Food

As we make ourselves fat through the consumption of fast food, we make corporations fat. It's an ugly symbiotic relationship. What could be done to stop this?

5. The School Of No Thought

Exams aren't always designed to demonstrate our ability to think so much as they set out to prove that we've learned and can apply someone else's thoughts as our own. 


6. The Chemical Brain Fog

So much of what we consume is manufactured in a laboratory now. What are those chemicals doing to our moods and emotions? The question needs asking.

7. The Illusion Of Control

This is a real life thing: People consuming chocolate and standing on scales, hoping to be thinner, but taking no action to achieve their results. 

8. King Of All He Surveys

The cubicle lifestyle. You can be a star in your own universe as long as you realize that your cage is still a cage, the same as everyone else's.

9. Everyone Needs Someone To Look Down On

The modern workplace all too often loves to let blame cascade down the chain of command; nobody takes responsibility for their errors, despite their high level of compensation.

10. The Home As An "Asset"

They say that owning your own home means you own an asset, but what other asset class will just consume cash on a daily basis? 

11. Charming The Numbers

This is a very clever analogy of changing times. The modern snake charmer is probably the accountant that can make the numbers dance to their tune. 


12. The Slime Of Television

The television has become an all-pervasive influence in modern society and often, this is not to our benefit—endless reams of information are there but how good is the data?

13. Questioning Our Relationship With Food

It doesn't get much clearer than this, does it? "You are what you eat" isn't metaphorical. It's a factual thing, particularly when you only eat processed fast foods. 

14. Money Makes The World Go Up

The banker reads about money and everything he (or she) does is powered by money. It's an unhealthy relationship that has severe consequences for society.

15. The Flaming Truth Of Employment

"You're our most valuable resource," they say when they hire you, but all too often, big companies treat people as commodities rather than people. 

We hope that these images made you think. Please remember that they are not the entirety of our lives—plenty of awesome things happen every day, too! 

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H/T: John Holcroft

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