15 Incredible GIFs That Show How Things Really Work

The world around us is an amazing place. There's so much interesting stuff that we don't always get a chance to fully appreciate, but thankfully Relatively Interesting compiled a list of GIFs that show how various things actually work, from man-made inventions to mathematical principles and natural phenomena. Here are a few of our absolute favorites. 

1. This brilliant visual explanation shows exactly how the Pythagorean Theorem works.

2. Vines probe out from the plant to seek support.

3. Here's how ants keep from tripping over their own legs

4. Here's what happens when you unlock your front door.

5. A dandelion spreads its seeds.

6. Here's how braces work to correct our teeth over time.


7. So THAT'S how sewing machines work!

8. It's hard to believe a violin string vibrates this much until you see it in slow-motion.

9. Check out how the continents shift over the course of millennia.

10. How a zipper works.

11. Popping corn.

12. Wow, the power that crocodiles use to propel themselves up is incredible!


13. The physics of Slinkies.

14. Dogs drink water by making a tiny "bowl" with their tongue.

15. Embryonic development of a human face.

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H/T: A Plus | Giphy