15 Kids Who Look Identical To Their Parents

Most of us grow up hearing that we look a lot like one of our parents. You may have the same steel blue eyes as your dad, or the distinguished brow of your mom. I know I always have been told that I look like my mom and act like my dad. My younger brother is the opposite, he looks exactly like his dad. It's not just your parents you have similarities with, you probably even share a few character traits with your grandparents or cousins, you do share the same DNA after all. 

Some people, however, share more than just a few traits with their parents. These are people that take the term "spitting image" to the next level. If you hold up an old picture of their parents next to them, you would think it's the same person. Whether that's a good thing or bad thing is subjective, but it's no doubt remarkable when it happens. 

These 15 kids have grown up to realize they are identical to their parents, and they have the pictures to prove it. 

1. A father in 1978, and his son 35 years later.


2. Not only do this mother and daughter look identical, but they share the same taste in style.


3. Dad and son share the same face and the same shirt.


4. Father at 20, and his son at the same age.



5. This man is an exact copy of his grandfather.


6. This father and son duo really know how to sculpt some facial hair.


7. Dad and son on their wedding days, 30 years apart.


8. Mother and daughter both holding their firstborn child.


9. Father and son prove that Mickey shirts never go out of style.


10. A teenager and his grandpa.

Kelly Ponto

11. A mom and son can look identical too.



12. "My Father Passed When I Was 4, But People Always Told Me That I Looked Like Him"


13. Mom and child in the same spot, taken 28 years apart.


14. Mother and child share the same glamorous look.

Nasrin Erdelyi

15. A mom and her daughter on spring break.


H/T: Bored Panda

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