15 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Dogs

There are many things we can all learn from observing the way dogs live their lives. Here are 15 of the most important life lessons you can apply to your life today.

1. Make a mess.

Sometimes you just have to let go and immerse yourself in the present moment to really enjoy your life. Dogs have no problem getting a little dirty and loosening up to enjoy themselves. So, don’t be afraid to get dirty once in a while, even if it means ruining your favorite pair of shoes.

2. Take time to run, jump, and play--Experience everything you can.

Wouldn’t life be more fun if we jumped and played every time we were happy? Dogs certainly don’t have any reservations about showing just how happy they are, and neither should you. If you’re happy, jump and play like no one’s watching. You’ll feel great afterwards.

3. Take time to relax.

With so much going on every day, it can feel like we never have enough time for ourselves. We spend most of our days running around trying to get things done, but we often forget to enjoy the bliss of doing nothing. So, next time you want to take a nap in the afternoon, go ahead and do it. No dog has ever passed up a good nap, and neither should you.

4. Be happy with who you are.

One of the beautiful things about dogs is that they aren’t afraid of being who they are. They don’t need to impress anyone, nor do they need to prove that they are better than anyone else. They are simply happy with who they are. Life would be much easier if everyone had that kind of confidence.

5. Don't be afraid of putting on your goofy face.

Dogs aren’t afraid to look silly, especially when they are trying to have a good time. So, the next time you find yourself in an awkward situation, think of what a dog would do. Chances are it involves doing something fun even if it means looking ridiculous in front of others.


6. Let go of judgment.

Dogs are always willing to make new friends, regardless of what they may look like. Whether it’s towards a cat or fellow human being, dogs have a natural friendliness that transcends all prejudices and reservations. If only human beings could do the same!

7. Greet the day with optimism.

Through the eyes of a dog, each day is a good day. A dog may take a walk to the same park every day, but they’ll still do it with the same excitement as they did the first time they visited the park. So, if you ever feel like you’re in a rut, just remember that the fact you’re alive is a good enough reason to feel happy.

8. Be grateful for food.

Nothing is more important than food. Without it, life wouldn’t exist. Next time you’re ready to dig into your favorite meal, don’t forget to do your little happy dance.

9. Put your well-being first.

When things get busy, it’s easy to overlook the importance of taking care of yourself. Dogs never seem to forget to take care of themselves no matter what they’re doing. Their willingness to prioritize self-care over everything else shows a love for oneself and compassion that begins from the inside.

10. Like what you like and forget about labels.

One of the great things about dogs is that they aren’t concerned about what’s “normal” or “cool"; to them, everything is the same. Whether it's a pair of shoes or toy you bought from a pet store, you can almost always guarantee that they will treat each object equally. They aren’t concerned about brands and labels, but more about what’s right for them. Discover what's truly right for you!

11. Remain loyal to your family and friends.

Loyalty is a dog’s most defining characteristic. A dog will stay by your side through all the good and bad times once she has decided that you are important her life. Shouldn't humans be the same way?


12. Don't remain bitter about things in the past.

Dogs have the ability to let go of things without holding any grudges. They are willing to forgive even the worst mistakes because, at the end of the day, most things don’t really matter. As human beings, we should all try to let go of grudges and be more forgiving.

13. It’s not always about winners and losers.

When a dog meets another dog, they don’t notice any difference between each other. They just see the same amount of potential and awesomeness they see in everything else around them. Wouldn’t life be a lot better if we put our judgements aside and noticed people for who they are instead of who we think they are?

14. Take time to appreciate the small things.

It’s always good to stop and appreciate the simple things in life. Dogs are always willing to find pleasure in the most mundane things and feel the wind in their fur every now and again.

15. Never be too afraid to show your love to someone.

Dogs aren’t afraid to let you know how much they love you as soon as you walk into the door. So, the next time you see someone you really care about, remember to tell them just how much they mean to you.

Story Credit: Distractify

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