15 Of The Easiest Life Hacks Staring You Right In The Face

We get it; sometimes life is just a little too hard. How are we supposed to get by in a world where cords get tangled, food isn't heated properly, and our entire wardrobe doesn't fit in our suitcases? If you've ever experienced one of these inconveniences (among many others), this list is for you! We've compiled 15 of the easiest, most useful life hacks out there to make your life a little easier.

If you're tired of watered-down coffee, hard pastries, or straws that float away, we have the answers for you! Keep reading to find out what you've been missing out on your entire life!

1. Opening A Key Ring

Adding keys and keychains used to involve painful fingers and broken nails, but not anymore! By using a staple remover to pry the ring open, your fingers will be spared.

2. Microwave Food Evenly

Too often we fall victim to unevenly heated leftovers... Make this issue a thing of the past by using this hack of arranging your food into a ring! Perfectly warmed food every time! 

3. The Perfectly Arranged Sandwich

No one likes a sandwich where every bite becomes a mystery. Take the question mark out of the equation by strategically placing your sandwich insides! This simple layout will make sure you have the perfect bite every time.

4. Maximize Your Ketchup Cups

Before learning this hack, we would find ourselves constantly refilling our ketchup cups. Now we just roll down the sides and maximize the amount of ketchup the cup can fit! Bonus, the cup is now big enough to dip in the end of your burger!

5. Eat Popcorn Out Of The Bag

Save time, dishes, and buttery hands by turning your popcorn bag into your bowl! Instead of opening the top of the bag, carefully cut one side of the bag into a square and enjoy!


6. Tangled Cords Be Gone!

Don't waste money on a fancy device to hold your various cords in place. Instead, place a bread tie on the end. Recycle and save yourself some money!

7. Slicing Bread

Easily slice through your freshly baked loaf of bread by flipping it upside down! Be careful not to push down too hard, though. Don't want to squish the loaf!

8. The Right Way To Use Bobby Pins

Turns out we've been using bobby pins wrong our whole lives! Maximize their grip by turning the bumpy end against your head. Bonus hack: spray a little hairspray on them before to give them an extra grip!

9. Keep Pastries Fresh!

Say goodbye to hard treats! Prevent your delicious pastries from drying out by placing a slice of bread on top! Enjoy your soft, moist desserts longer!

10. Keep Ice Cream Soft

The worst thing is finding your ice cream ruined by freezer burn. Instead of suffering, put the container in a ziplock to keep the ice cream soft and fresh!

11. The Last Straw

Prevent your straw from floating into outer space by simply placing it through the top opener. This way it stays in place without any extra effort on your part!


12. No More Watered Down Coffee

No one has time to waste waiting for their coffee to cool down. Keep your coffee strong but cool by freezing coffee in ice cube trays beforehand!

13. Pack Everything For Your Trip

Instead of having to choose between favorite outfits, fit them all with this hack! Neatly roll each item like a burrito before placing it in your suitcase. No compromise, no wrinkles!

14. Small Microwave? No Problem!

Trying to heat multiple things without the extra wait? Double your microwave's space by placing one dish on top of a microwave safe mug and get your food faster!

15. Don't Get Sunk

No water hose? Use your sink right by adding a dustpan to easily and neatly fill up a bucket! Just balance the dustpan with the handle out and turn on the water, no mess involved!

Hopefully, these hacks are something you'll use in your daily life! If you enjoyed this list or learned something new, remember to share the knowledge by sharing the list with friends and family!

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