15 Photos To Make You Literally LOL No Matter Where You Are

Now that you have either taken a break at work or gone home to relax for the day, take a load off for a second and enjoy some of the funniest photos available on the Internet. All it takes is a few minutes to reflect on how easily we are able to connect and share some hilariousness with each other thanks to the information superhighway. You deserve a few laughs. You've been working hard. 

We know there are countless pictures guaranteed to give you the giggles, but here are a few gems we were able to pick out. Have fun with 15 of the funniest photos on the web.

1. Following Instructions


This one is for all of the times the delivery person decided not to adhere to your request for the items you ordered seven to ten business days ago.

2. Cereal Bar


Either that's an abnormally large cereal bar or the new way to eat quick cereal. Nestle's slogan is aptly put, "Good Food, Good Life."

3. How Romantic

You have to really get to know someone if you want to be their girlfriend. It's the little things that make a relationship great.

4. Smile Nicely!


You only get one chance for your school ID to be epic. The photographer won't give you a second take. And mom thought you were going to "smile nicely."

5. Mom's Alpaca


Because you don't question "mum's" decisions in her house, young man. Her rule is law and whatever she says becomes a wonderful alpaca reality.


6. Hold It Right There!


Just a little to the left, sweetie. Spread your hands a little farther apart. Now bring them a little closer together. And smile and say cheese!

8. How Rude!

One day, he'll know what it's like to suffer the utter humiliation of wearing that thing in public in front of all of his friends.

9. Sweetened Ice-T


The legendary rapper and actor Ice-T has a tough and unsweetened side, but we all love him for the tender and relaxed sweet side.

10. Husky The Cat


Huskies are already the cutest dog breed around. Now one gets to do all of the adorable cat moves without the sharp claws and temper.

11. Cool Dumbo


Dumbo decided this was going to be the last year people make fun of his name. Cool Dumbo is going to start this school year off right.


12. Just One Of Those Days

The Chive

Every time mom wants to take you shopping for school clothes but you spend most of the time waiting for her to try everything on.

13. The Resemblance Is Uncanny


Maybe Batman was Catman all of this time but no one ever asked him to clarify what he saw in his vision before becoming Gotham's most notorious vigilante.

14. Planet Of The Apes


Now imagine this photo was taken in Europe where everyone drives on the opposite side of the road and the driver's seats in every car are on the other side.

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