15 Ways To Repurpose Dried Flowers

Flowers symbolize many things, from the onset of spring to an anniversary that calls for a stunning bouquet. It is always nice to receive flowers for a special occasion (or even just because!), but the feeling can be quite bittersweet. What do you do when your gorgeous bouquet begins to lose its luster and inevitably wilt?

Fortunately, there are ways to preserve your flowers after they've reached their peak. One of the most popular ways is to hang your flowers upside down and let them dry. While they are not the same as a fresh bouquet, there is something equally beautiful about dried flowers. More importantly, there are many ways to display or make good use of them. Here are some fantastic ideas to get you started:

Hanging Flower Rack


If you receive flowers regularly, consider drying them and displaying them on a wooden board. This gorgeous, rustic display showcases various colors and textures of the flowers, and you'll be able to subtly show off just how loved you are by a special someone!

Dried Flowers In A Jar


Want a quick and simple way to keep your special bouquet forever? Keeping them in a glass jar allows you to display them safely anywhere in the house. Click here to learn more.

Framed Flowers

Chris Tonnesen

Like any beautiful piece of art, framing is always a good option. You can arrange your flowers any way you want - there's really no wrong way to make your masterpiece! Hang it in the living room where your guests are sure to comment on it, or keep it above your desk to remind you of spring and summer.

Antique Window Flowers


Antique window frames can make a gorgeous, rustic casing for your dried flowers. Especially if you have a windowless room that's beginning to feel a little stuffy, adding this faux window that showcases vibrant flowers may bring that room back to life.

Flower Wall


If you have a plain, drab wall in your home that desperately needs sprucing up, then dried flowers can be the perfect answer. They provide a splash of life to any room, and will make the perfect environment for relaxing and spending some quality time with family and guests.


Bath Bombs With Flowers

Lovely Greens

If you love taking baths, then you'll know that bath bombs are a must-have in your collection. They are much easier to make than you'd think! You can use natural ingredients and add a dash of dried flowers into your bath bombs to make your baths extra luxurious. Click here to learn how to make your own bath bombs.

Glass Floral Ornament

Kimberly Hutchinson

A really great way to display your dried flowers is in a glass ornament. You don't have to wait until the holidays to hang up these gorgeous accessories. Many people take the flowers from a special occasion, such as a wedding or a graduation ceremony, to make these truly meaningful decorations.

Flower Chandelier


This stunning flower chandelier will make the perfect decor for any home or party. It's surprisingly simple and cost-effective to make, but your guests won't be able to tell. Learn more about the project here.

Music Cone Flower Arrangement


Music lovers will appreciate this quaint bouquet of dried flowers wrapped in vintage sheet music. This elegant display will look stunning no matter where you choose to hang it!

Vintage Grater Floral Display


For those of you who love rustic decor, this vintage grater floral display is the perfect addition to your home. You can also use other vintage items to hold your bouquets to create a truly unique decoration.


Floral Bookmarks

Post Fabriek

Avid readers will love these floral bookmarks. Take a piece of your favorite flower and make it the focal point of your DIY bookmark. You can also personalize them with your name or a message on the back if you want to give them out as gifts or party favors.

Temporary Flower Tattoos


Most of us have sported some pretty colorful and vibrant temporary tattoos during our childhoods. If you want a more modern approach to temporary tattoos, consider using dried flowers. All you need is some eyelash glue to adhere them to your skin, then finish it off with some hairspray. You'll definitely turn heads with this pièce de résistance!

Floral Phone Case

The Etsy Blog

Take your favorite flowers everywhere you go by incorporating them into your plain phone case! It's a lot easier to make your own floral phone case than you think. Click here to learn how.

Dried Flower Ornaments

Another easy way to showcase your dried flowers is by turning them into ornaments with epoxy resin. You can attach them to a chain necklace or thread some metal wire through them to hang them anywhere you'd like.

Pressed Flower Pendant


If you have some flowers that hold particular meaning to you (e.g., flowers from your wedding or a loved one's funeral), you can keep them near and dear to your heart by turning them into a pressed flower pendant for your necklace. What better way to eternalize memories?

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