15 Wrong Test Answers That Deserve Extra Credit

Remember test days from school? After a long night of study and preparation, you wake up with a fast-beating heart. As the minutes close in on test time, you try to do a last minute cram session to feel the most prepared, but you are not. It feels as if you have lost all of the information you saved in your mind. Then, the teacher says, "Put everything away and take out your pencils," and you lose it.

The following kids do not feel that way. They did not prepare, and they could not care less. Here are some of their amazing, and creative, answers.

1. Frankie The Freeloader

At least Frankie knows his place in the world. He probably doesn't even do his chores when he's told. Honesty is the best policy.

2. Musicians Aren't Nerds


Alright, kid, he might be a big nerd, but if he is practicing the piano for 20 minutes a day, he also has a better shot at becoming a rock star.

3. You Are Smart


Alright, kid, he might be a big nerd, but if he is practicing the piano for 20 minutes a day, he also has a better shot at becoming a rock star.

3. You Are Smart

In fact, this is the most accurate answer every time someone asks you that same question. Don't you ever let anyone take that away from you, kid.

5. It's A Trap-azoid!

This kid should go through each of the shapes shown and draw what he sees. His internal creativity is fascinating. He'll be a true artist one day.


6. Name This Quadrilateral


I knew a square named Bob once; he used to sit next to Sam the parallelogram. The funny thing is the answer options are right there!

7. I Found X

"C'mon, teacher, the 'x' is right there. When are we going to get into something a little more challenging? Do you want me to find '5' and '3' as well?"

8. What About The Polar Bears?

What gets us about this kid is the fact that not only does he care about animals surviving global warming, but he's apologizing to the teacher on behalf of the poor animal that now lives in his math book.

9. Is That A Compliment?


Even though he thinks this teacher's class is really boring, at least he would want to spend his last remaining hour there. That's really nice.

10. But, It's True


Look at this kid! We got ourselves a regular Bill Nye the Science Guy over here. We hope the teacher gave him partial credit because his answer is also true.

12. It Means No Worries


Timon and Pumba must have taken this test because this answer is wild! There should be bonus points for Disney references; every teacher knows this.


12. The Situation


This kid should not be marked down for drawing a picture of "The Situation" on his test. His parents should be marked down for letting him watch Jersey Shore.

13. Animal Lover


He is right, the writers of this test should have realized the poor taste of the possible answer they gave. Bonus points for you, kid!

14. "Yeah, I Don't Know Why You're Not Fair"

college humor

Based on the next question, this was obviously taken at a church and could have had a plethora of possible answers. Why are they giving tests on Sunday?

15. Priorities

Even adults don't figure this out until it is too late. This kid will either become the ultimate king of Earth, or he will get a girlfriend. Either way, he's a winner.

These kids have proven that tests can have multiple answers. What are some wrong answers you remember thinking were absolutely correct? Be sure to SHARE this with your family and friends!

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