16 Beautiful Before And After Photos Of Rescued Homeless Dogs.

These 16 dogs were found and rescued by strangers, friends, animal shelters, and rescue organizations. Living on the streets is a very hard and scary life for a dog. But with just a little bit of care, they can go on to experience incredibly happy lives.

Thanks to thousands of volunteers all over the nation, these animals get a second chance at life. International Homeless Animal Day on August 16th brought even more awareness to animals in need of being saved.

Read on to see how these adorable creatures were found and rescued. 



This precious pup was given to a shelter with matted and dirty fur. After a quick shave, they realized how much younger she actually was!


Credit: Trio Animal Foundation

Ellen was taken from an open access shelter by Trio Animal Foundation, and given a much needed haircut. After shaving two pounds of the tangled fur, she is new puppy!



Hope For Paws cleaned up this cutie after receving a call for help from a stranger who picked up Dolly. The dog had been eating from a trash can, and was in desperate need of love!


Credit: Eldad Hagar

Saved by people who saw him on Facebook, this dog’s life was nearly over. He was suffering from a severe eye infection, but thanks to donations, he received treatment – and a new life. 


Credit: Hope For Paws

After his owner passed away, this poor little guy was left to fend for himself. Hiding for months and blind in one eye, he wouldn’t let anybody approach him. Finally, rescuers were able to gain his trust and gently brought him to safety. 




CARES Community Animal Rescue & Educational Shelter received this adorable little dog in terrible shape. She smelled of urine and was completely drenched from the rain. Look how adorable she is after being cleaned and taken care of!



Taken from an abusive and neglectful environment, Kenzi received the care she needed at the Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin & San Antonio.



Look at what a bit of loving care did for Treasure! Natchez-Adams County Humane Society gave her the attention she needed, and she now has a loving life to look forward to!


Credit: Paws Antigua

Named after the golf course where he was found, Cedar was hairless from the stress of being homeless and was severely malnourished. Now, he lives in a loving home with a family that takes great care of him. 


Credit: Quebec Society For The Protection Of Animals

Little Rasta was rescued from a street in Montreal. Barely able to move under all that matted fur, he was nearly unrecognizable as a dog. Look at his adorable transformation!


Credit: Park Road Veterinary Clinic

Look how different this cutie is with a simple cleanup! He was found with mud-caked fur and wounds all over his legs, but after a shave and a wash, Shrek is ready for anything!




A junkyard in Los Angeles was Vita’s home until a man found her and got her the care she needed. 


Credit: imgur

Olivia was dropped off at a shelter, and one short year later, she looks happy and healthy!


Credit: Annie Hart

Hope For Paws rescued this adorable creature after he spent a year on the streets. 

Little Betty


Abandoned by her owners, this dog was lonely and ashamed by her appearance. But after some personal care, she is ready for her new life!


Credit: Frank Bruynbroek

Miley has come a long way from the trash pile she was living in. She was injured and barely able to walk. But look at how content she is now!


If you’re feeling inspired by these rescue success stories, why not adopt one still in need of a home? Check out the ASPCA's site or you can search for pets in need of homes using Petfinder.

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