16 Brilliant, Inexpensive DIY Solutions For Organizing Your Necklaces

What ensemble is complete without having the proper accessories? Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings can go a long way toward turning even the most boring outfit into something completely jaw dropping.

If you love to accessorize your look with jewelry, you know that it doesn’t take much to develop a large collection of them. The problem with this, however, is that it can be quite annoying to organize and store them. Earrings are notorious for getting lost, and necklaces for getting tangled. Instead of spending money on expensive jewelry boxes that frequently get cluttered, give these DIY jewelry displays a try:

Window Frame

The Borrowed Abode

An old window frame is a great item to use as a jewelry holder because it is already divided into sections. You can refurbish, paint and style the frame to match any decor. Simply follow the instructions in this link.

Refrigerator Shelf

My Pondokkie

We've all seen these things around, and you may even have some extras that came with your fridge. What you may not have realized is that they are perfect for hanging loose earrings. All you have to do is paint it to match the room, then mount it to the wall.

Cork Board

Not Martha

Cork board is great for all kinds of applications. If you want to use cork board to hang jewelry, use pins to hang them from the board. You can even stain the board to give it a more rustic feel.

Tennis Racket

If you are really into sports and lead an active lifestyle, this project is for you. Use the strings of a tennis or badminton racket to display earrings on the wall.

Cutlery Tray

Maillardville Manor

It may seem a bit strange, but cutlery trays make for great jewelry holders. They come in all shapes, materials, colors and sizes, and they are very inexpensive to purchase. Follow the link here to learn more about this project.



Atypicalty Pea

Want something a bit more minimalistic? Wire and some screw eyes will do the trick.

Glass Bottle

Glamour Avenue Parties

If space isn't a concern and you are looking for something a bit more elegant, try arranging a display using glass bottles.

Flea-Market Tray


Those trays you typically see at flea markets can look great if painted and mounted on a wall. They exude a very professionally-done feel, and they are great for showcasing jewelry.

Rustic Ladder


An old ladder can look great if given some love and attention. Give a rustic look to any room by using it as a jewelry display.

Picture Frame

Decor Design Show

Vintage picture frames can be incredibly elegant and add a look of sophistication to your jewelry.

Collage Of Frames


You can even take things one step further by using multiple frames to form a collage on your walls. With this method, you are free to arrange them however you want.



Swirl Marketing

Clipboards are great for more than just holding paper. Mount them to your wall as part of a very unique-looking collage of necklace holders.

Dresser Drawer

Upcycle Art

If you are throwing out an old dresser, you might want to hang on to some of those drawers. When mounted on the wall, they are great for holding all kinds of things.


Cleverly Inspired

Similar to how wire can be used as an earring holder, chains are also a great solution. Chains, however, also have the added benefit of having segments that can evenly space each earring.



The lovely creation you see above is actually a bamboo place mat. You can slip earrings between each panel to give your jewelry a natural-looking backdrop.


Liz Marie

If you have some leftover hardware from a previous DIY project, you can mount it on a board and use that to display your prized collection of accessories. Follow this link to learn more.

Via: Shareably

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