16 Examples Of Japanese Ingenuity That Need To Go Worldwide

Japan has been at the forefront of technological innovation for decades. Their unique environment, culture, and history have led to all kinds of incredibly creative ideas that you wouldn't find elsewhere. Here are 16 prime examples of Japanese ingenuity so brilliant, they need to go global.

1. Gas Stations


The gas pipes in Japanese gas stations hang overhead, which helps drivers avoid situations where they can't reach the tank.

2. All Kinds Of Vending Machines


Time is incredibly valuable to the Japanese, so they've invented time-saving vending machines for virtually everything you can think of, from chips and snacks to fresh, hot food, clothing, and more.

3. Compact Parking


Japan has a massive population concentrated in a relatively small space, which makes conserving/maximizing space a major priority. One way to do this? Two-level parking spaces.

4. Cans For The Blind


The Japanese have considered the fact that blind people should know what they're drinking the same as anyone else. That's why every can in Japan features the name indented in Braille on the top of the can.

5. Chairs That Hold Your Bag


Hanging your bag on a chair is always annoying, but Japan has chairs with notches carved in them - problem solved! 

6. Foot Spas On Trains


What?? That's too cool! You can get tickets to special suburban train that have foot spas to soak in after a long hard day's work.


7. Free Tissues Are Given Out On The Street


How nice is that?

8. Multi-Functional Toilets


Japanese toilets do more than just flush. They help folks with disabilities, clean themselves, even heat the seat for you!

9. Stress Reducing Poppers


Yep, it's a set of buttons that simulates popping bubble wrap, endlessly. 

10. Automatic Taxi Doors


Most Japanese cabs have automatic doors so passengers can't slam them shut accidentally.

11. Sleeping Pod Hotels


Japanese cities often have several of these "sleeping pod" hotels, used by busy Japanese salarymen working long hours. They're quite cheap, so they're popular with travelers too.

12. Musical Roads


Certain roads in Japan play pleasant melodies as your drive along. How cool is that?


13. Cat Cafes

Bright Side

Cat cafes allow you to curl up next to a cozy kitty with a warm cup of coffee. Bliss!

14. Heated Tables (Kotatsu)


The kotatsu is a table with a heated blanket that serves as the ultimate relaxation station (where you could also do work, I guess). 

15. Announcement Systems

Japan has loudspeakers across the whole country that help relay important announcements and/or emergency instructions.

16. Work Naps


Taking a nap at work is not only ok, it's actually a legal right! Known as inemuri, or "present while sleeping," it means you can literally take a nap next to your boss.

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H/T: Bright Side

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