16 Handy Paper Towel Roll Hacks

Here at Wimp, we love upcycling things to their fullest potential. Whether it's something as simple as an old picture frame, or as complex as a dresser you found at a yard sale, there's no item too big or too small to be transformed into something new.

Paper towel rolls might not seem like they're good for much else, but you'd be surprised by how many awesome uses people have found for these tiny cardboard tubes. If you'd have told me that I'd be using paper towel rolls to decorate my home or make my kitchen safer, I'd have thought you were crazy - but, after seeing this list, I'll never underestimate the power of paper towel rolls again!

Keep scrolling for our 16 favorite paper towel roll hacks. As great as this list is, there's always room for more clever uses, so don't be afraid to get creative! How will you use your paper towel rolls?

1. Lace Bracelets

Style Diaries

Do your kids love playing dress up? If so, you know there's nothing more fun than crafting costumes together! Paper towel rolls make a great base for lace, buttons, and whatever else you'd like to add to these DIY bracelets. Click here to learn more about this project.

2. Desktop Organizer


Everyone's desk could use a little more organization, and this is one of the simplest ways to do it. Cut your rolls to various lengths, wrap them in craft paper, and mount them onto a piece of wood. These are perfect for storing everything from pencils to paperclips.

3. iPhone Speaker


Need some extra volume from your iPhone? This clever trick converts a single toilet paper roll into a speaker that you can take just about anywhere. Click here to learn how to make this yourself.

4. Crease Remover

One Good Thing

Say farewell to those unsightly creases in your pants. By attaching a paper towel roll to the bottom of your hanger, you can ensure that your pants stay crease-free no matter how long they hang.

5. Cable Caddies

Our Thrifty Ideas

Cords are one of the toughest items to keep organized. Instead of leaving them a tangled mess, simply slip them inside a paper towel roll.


6. All-Purpose Organizer


We love this hack mainly because of how broad it is. Cut each roll so that it's a couple of inches tall, then mount a bunch of them to a flat surface like a wall or the bottom of a drawer. Use them to store jewelry, batteries, or whatever else you'd like.

7. Knife Sheath


All you have to do is slide your knife inside a paper towel roll, fold it over at the end, and tape it secure. Voila! You've got yourself an easy DIY sheath, and a much safer kitchen.

8. Fire Starter

One Good Thing

Not everyone has flint and steel lying around, so it's best to be prepared with a good fire starter. These are great for camping or lighting a fire in the fireplace. Stuff a toilet paper roll with lint, wrap it in some newspaper (or any other paper you have on hand), and tuck the ends into the roll.

9. Unique Wall Art

The Mayberry Home Journal

Your guests will never suspect that your hip new wall art is actually made out of upcycled toilet paper rolls. Click here for a great tutorial.

10. Seedling Pods

Preparedness Mama

It's not too late to get those seeds in the ground for spring! Toilet paper rolls are the ideal size for helping grow your seedlings. Of course, they're only temporary, so you'll need to move them into a larger space once they've grown.

11. Plastic Bag Dispenser


Plastic bags can be a nightmare to store, but paper towel rolls are here to help. These cardboard tubes hold a surprisingly high number of plastic grocery bags, so make sure to store them the right way before you go throwing them away.


12. Secret Compartment

How Does She

Got something that needs to be kept safe? Robbers will never think to check the jars in your kitchen for valuables. Insert a paper towel roll into a clear container and fill the area around it with rice, beans, or whatever else you have on hand.

13. Bird Feeder

Go Grow Go!

Feeding the birds is a nice way to spend the afternoon, but what if you don't want to invest in a bird feeder? All you need to make this DIY feeder is a toilet paper roll, peanut butter, and bird seed. Spread peanut butter on the toilet paper roll, sprinkle on some birdseed, and hang it on the nearest tree.

14. Wrapping Paper Holder

Consumer Queen

Christmas is a ways away, but this hack is still great for wrapping paper all year round. Make one simple cut in a toilet paper roll to create a clasp that keeps your wrapping paper from unrolling.

15. Jewelry Display


The black paint in this next hack really takes it to the next level. Cut your paper towel rolls into long and short sections, then hot glue them together to make each part of the display. Click here for a full step-by-step walkthrough.

16. Party Favors

Huffington Post

Presentation is key when it comes to handing out party favors. Decorate paper towel rolls with craft paper, lace, and ribbons, and don't forget to match the colors with whatever occasion you're celebrating.

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