16 New Words That You Should Add To Your Vocabulary

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The English language is constantly evolving. It's taken words from a variety of sources in the past, and sometimes slang terms get so popular that they make their way into the popular lexicon. English has one of the richest vocabularies of all the languages in the world (second only to Chinese), but there are still situations when it can't adequately describe something.

Sometimes, you've just got to make up new words of your own. The following words were made up by some enterprising internet users, and they've started to take off. Some are quite clever, some are hilarious, and more than a few of them will make you think, "that's so true!"

1. Cellfish (n.)

Liam Norris

Someone who keeps talking or texting on their phone incessantly, to the point where it's rude to the people around them.

2. Prossibly (adv.)

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Saying "possibly" when you really mean "probably."

3. Al Desko (adv. &adj.)

Digital Destruction

Eating food while working at your desk in the office. Inspired by "al fresco" which refers to dining outdoors.

4. Dudevorce (n.)

Return of Kings

When two bros, or "dudes," officially end their friendship.

5. Humblebrag (n., v.)

A seemingly modest/self-deprecating statement that actually draws attention to something you're proud of. 

Ex: "I'd love to travel more, but I still have some student loans from Harvard."


6. Congradolences (n.)

Devlyn's Portfolio

The roller coaster of emotions you feel when you find out that a celebrity you thought died a long time ago was actually alive the whole time... because you just read their actual obituary.

7. Internest (n.)


The comfy nook you create for yourself in which to spend long periods of time online.

8. Sarchasm (n.)


The awkward pause in a conversation when sarcasm has been misunderstood.

9. Textpectation (n.)

Laugh Spark

The feeling of anticipation you have when you're waiting to receive a text from someone.

10. Comfocate (n.,adj.,verb)

Trying to locate comfort.

11. Chairdrobe (n.)

Sad and Useless

The pile of clothes you leave on a chair or dresser. Related to floordrobe.


12. Unlightening (v.)


Learning something that actually makes you dumber for knowing it (most daytime reality TV falls into this category).

13. Palcatraz (n.)

Girls Ask Guys

Getting permanently "friendzoned" by someone you're attracted to.

14. Hiberdating (v.)

Jose Moraes

When someone ignores their friends to be with the person they're dating.

15. Nerdjacking (n., v.)

Reaction GIFs

When you highjack a conversation by nerding out and going into unnecessary detail about your passion to someone who's not really that interested.

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H/T: Diply

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