16 Of The Greatest Teachers In The World

The value of a great teacher cannot be understated. Back in my school days, my best subject often tended to be whichever subject was being taught by the best teacher. To this very day, I still remember certain teachers - Mrs. Anderson from third-grade homeroom, Mr. Clark from sixth-grade science/P.E., and Mr. Walsh from high-school History.

Great teachers inspire us in ways that can't be quantified, which is why we decided to make this list of great teachers. Thank you, teachers, for being you!

1. This professor gave an entire lecture while soothing the baby of a student who couldn't get a sitter that day.

2. You better listen up.

3. That's dedication.

4. This history teacher takes her job pretty seriously.

5. Good question!


6. Physics never made so much sense...

7. This art teacher creates a new masterpiece every day as inspiration for his students.

8. A real pro will always find a way to draw a triangle.

9. "My teacher said if everyone in our class got excellent grades on our test, he would dress up as Scooby Doo and bring non-alcoholic champagne for us. We all tried very hard, and our teacher kept his word."

10. This teacher had a fun way of dealing with a sleeper in class.

11. Students got a pretty interesting lecture the day this teacher found a stray kitten near the school.


12. Astronomy teacher's room.

13. Math teacher celebrates Pi Day (March 14).

14. Physics teacher conducting a very serious experiment...

15. On the last day of school, this teacher let her students decorate her dress.

16. He knows. He knows!

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