16 Of The Most Majestic Trees In The World

Feb 17, 2015

Trees are normally not thought to be as aesthetically pleasing as flowers and some other plants. However, these trees below will change that view and blow your mind.

Although the Rhododendron and the Wisteria are technically not trees (they are a shrub and a vine, respectively), they share similar physical triats to trees and are therefore included in this list.

Canadian Rhododendron “Tree,” Over 125 Years Old


1,990 Square Meter Japanese Wisteria, 144 Years Old



Slope Point, New Zealand: Antarctic Wind-Swept Trees

Seabird Nz

Portland, Oregon: Japanese Maple


Tom Schwabel


Oregon Hanging Moss Draped Antarctic Beech, Native To Argentina And Chile

Drew Hopper

Bonn, Germany: Tunnel Of Blooming Cherry Trees

Adas Meliauskas

66.5 Feet Tall John’s Island South Carolina Angel Oak, 1400-1500+ Years Old

Daniela Duncan

Brazil Flamboyant Tree, Endemic To Madagascar

Salete T Silva

Yemen Dragonblood Trees, Known For Their Alchemical Crimson Red Sap

Csilla Zelko

California’s The President, 241 Feet Tall, 3rd Largest Giant Sequoia On The Planet

Michael Nichols

Oregon Maple Tree Tunnel

Ian Sane

Kauai, Hawaii: Rainbow Eucalyptus, Pulpwood Used To Make Paper



Christopher Martin

Cullinan, South Africa: Jacarandas With Violet Flowers

Elizabeth Kendall

Dixie Plantation, South Carolina Avenue Of Oaks, Planted In The 1790s

Lee Sosby

Madagascar Baobabs, Which Store Water Within Their Thick Trunks


Northern Ireland Dark Beech Hedges, Featured On “Game Of Thrones”

Stephen Emerson

Christopher Tait

Do you know of any incredible trees not on this list? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Credit: Bored Panda

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