16 Unusual, But Brilliant Ways To Get The Most Comfort Out Of Your Shoes

Summer is coming - time for those boots to hibernate in the back of your closet for a few months! Yes, that means the Uggs, too. It's always exciting to bust out the PedEgg and toenail polish, and start giving your dogs a little fresh air, but the first few weeks come with some serious new shoe problems. Everyone's sure to have at least one shoe horror story that ends in giant blisters, permanently-pinched toes, or some similar problem. 

So, what can you do about it? Do you just suck it up and hope that eventually those shoes will yield to the shape of your feet? Well, you can either just continue sacrificing comfort for looks ... or you can do something about it! Here are a few handy tips to have a summer season free of pain and blisters. 

1. A little sandpaper on your soles will give them better traction.

Real Simple

2. Got a pair of heels with a pointed toe? Tape your third and fourth toe together to magically get your feet to fit.

Loop Jamaica

3. A little baby powder will shush your shoe squeaks.


4. Waterproof your shoes with beeswax.

Brit + Co.

5. Gel deodorant will help prevent blisters.

Real Simple


6. Fill up freezer bags with water and put them in shoes overnight to stretch them.

Better Remade

7. Leather spray and a newspaper will widen the shafts of your boots.


8. Tea bags will cure your stinky shoe smell.

Idea Junky

9. Keep some heel caps on hand to fix worn down high heels. 

Go Go Heels

10. An insole will help cushion a high heel and reduce slipperiness.

Life Hacker

11. Moleskin adhesive padding can cushion the inside of heel straps.

The Shoe Doctor Is In


12. You can patch or reinforce the inside of the heel of a shoe with cloth patches.


13. Heel grips will keep your shoes from becoming flip-floppy.

Jack Yu

14. Wear new shoes with your wool socks and blast them with a hair dryer to speed up the breaking in process.

Coffee Light and Sweet

15. Not only does a fabric wrap help save your feet from blisters, but it steps up your sandal fashion.

Mommy Savers

16. If your shoes are too open and airy for gel arch supports to stay in your shoes, use Band-Aids to attach them to your arches.

Dr. Scholl’s

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H/T: Diply

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