16-Year-Old Boy Creates Wheelchair Stroller Attachment For Disabled Parents And Their Babies

For those with limited mobility, there are many challenges associated with everyday life. There are some things that people with full mobility take for granted, never giving their ability to do these things a second thought - but, for those who require the assistance of a wheelchair to move around, those very same things can seem like a giant hurdle. 

This was the case for Sharina Jones, a pregnant woman who was worrying about how she would be able to push the baby in a stroller from her wheelchair. Jones was shot at the age of 5, and she lost the use of her legs. Now, at 35, she had adapted to what life had thrown at her, and she didn't want to let anything get in the way of taking her baby out into the world with her.

Fortunately, there was Alden Kane. Kane is a high-school student from Detroit, who was enrolled in a special design class. As part of a project, Jones and Kane were paired up, entirely by chance, and Kane was asked to make something to help her.

After six months of work, Kane had created a wheelchair stroller attachment. It attaches to the front of the wheelchair and provides a safe and secure place to put any regular car seat.


He told The Michigan Catholic, "It was great to meet her and talk to her about what she wants and doesn't want. Talking to her was a big help, figuring out the workability of the device, where to put a diaper bag, whether or not she could unhook the stroller and how she can move around in the chair."

Thanks to Kane’s hard work and Sharina's determination, Sharina is now able to move about freely with her baby. For many of us, this might seem like something that is so very simple: being able to take your baby with you to the store, on a walk through the park or even just from the car to home or school. For Sharina, however, this wasn't simple - it was a goal, and Kane deserves so much credit for helping her achieve it.

Check out Kane’s creation in the demonstration below.

Via: University of Detroit Mercy | The Huffington Post

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