17 Brilliantly Designed Advertisements

Advertising has always been a competitive industry, but with today's ultra-savvy consumer that statement has never been more true. Successfully marketing to today's customer means catching their attention in a world that has been completely oversaturated with content. The best ideas have to be clever and eye-catching and be memorable in an era where attention spans are shorter than ever. 

Speaking as a consumer, I can definitely say that when an ad is cleverly designed, I definitely take notice and remember that company. I've definitely been turned off from buying something if I thought the ad wasn't clever enough, so I like to give credit where credit is due. The examples below are some of the best advertising I've seen, and they all illustrate one important point: the best ideas are almost always simple, but elegant.

1. Clever way to get anyone on the bus to see how nice the watch look on their hand.

2. Ad for hair colors by Wella.

3. What better way to advertise Oktoberfest than giant mugs of beer?

4. Whatever you need to store, this car can probably fit it in.

5. Those Play-Doh cookies look almost good enough to eat!


6. Awww, that's a sweet one.

7. I cook a lot, and I definitely want this knife now.

8. With the parking sound control from Mercedes-Benz, you will NEVER have something sneak up on your car.

9. Great concept for FedEx's reliable and speedy worldwide service.

10. Speaking of FedEx: shots fired. Your move, DHL.

11. This is a perfect metaphor for how big debt can become.

12. Volkswagen has some great parking assist features too.


13. Hopefully, it wasn't actually Sprite they showered in....

14. The Panasonic air conditioner gives air that's so fresh, even fresh air seems stale.

15. Brilliant ad for super absorbent towels.

16. With Barilla pasta, it's a party in your tummy.

17. Just about anything should be preceded by coffee. Who can't relate to this one, right?

Via: Aunty Acid

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