17 DIY Projects From The Dollar Store

No shopping trip forces you to be creative quite like a trip to the dollar store. It may not have all the items you can get at a normal grocery store, but if you put in some effort and think outside the box, you can end up with a lot more for a whole lot less. Unfortunately, many people opt to shop at big stores like Walmart just because it’s easier. That’s why we are sharing some genius products and DIY projects that you can get from just a trip to the dollar store. 

There are plenty advantages to shopping at a bargain store. The most obvious is that you get to save money on almost every product you buy. But an underrated aspect of the dollar store shopping experience is that there are endless possibilities to what you can find. One week there might be a dinosaur phone charger, the next week you could see a beautiful wreath for your porch. You never truly know what you’ll find until you go. 

Here are some of our favorite dollar store ideas. Let these projects inspire you to try one for yourself and make sure to let us know how it goes. 

A homemade mirror


Buy some compact mirrors, break them in half, and then start building your own artsy mirror for your bedroom wall. 

A bouquet of flowers


With just a styrofoam ball, plastic flowers and hot glue, you can make these adorable mini-bouquets. 

Laptop cover


Do you need to protect your laptop from scratches? Just get some contact paper to place on the outside. For an added look, trace out the logo and cut with a knife so that you can show it off while you work at a coffee shop.

A terra vase 


Simply fill an empty vase with dirt and gravel, and put in a plant of your choice. 

Thumbtack art


It sounds odd, but gold thumbtacks can look gorgeous when used as part of a decoration. Just trace out what you want to make and fill it in with a bunch of thumbtacks. Now you have a very unique art piece to call your own. 


Ombre vases


Buy a glass vase and then paint over it with the color of your choice. Use horizontal brush strokes of increasingly darker shades to achieve the effect above. 

Hanging decoration


Take an ordinary rubber matt and then spray paint it silver. Suddenly, you have a new piece of art to hang on your wall 

Picture candles


If you print out a photo on vellum paper, you can wrap it around a glass candle for this very unique home decoration. 

A flowery centerpiece


If you fill a vase with rocks, flowers and branches, you can create this beautiful centerpiece that’s perfect for springtime. 

Picture frame props


Spray paint candlesticks and use hot glue to attach them to picture frames. Now they stand by themselves and you can avoid the hassle of hanging them. 

Outdoor pool decoration


Cut apart a pool noodle and string it together to make this summertime garland. 

Pillow cases from bandanas


Simply sew together two bandanas to create a pillowcase perfect for your couch. 


Bin covers


Use a fabric of your choice to cover a laundry bin. You can learn the step-by-step instructions here

Colorful coffee mugs


With just a glass paint pen and your imagination, you make any kind of coffee mug you want. 

Mirror containers


Glue together five square mirrors to make a box that will look great no matter what you put inside it. 

A rock mat


Need a unique mat in your house? Take an ordinary rubber mat and cover it with assorted rocks. 

Personalized candles


Cookie cutters are for more than just cookie dough, use them to create unique candle shapes. 

Via: Lifebuzz

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